To Dwell in Hell

Chapter 3


"What are you playing at, Hek?" Drew said and narrowed her eyes. Hek turned and faced the confused girl.

"How many times must I say, 'Call my Fayaen'?" Hek said kindly. Drew was more confused than ever. What was his gimmick? What was he trying to do, lure her into a false sense of security? Then what would he do? Kill her maybe? Why would he do that? He could do it right then and there if he wanted to. Drew's mind flew with thousands of questions at once.

"Why would you want to let me go?" She questioned. Hek's mouth curved up into an awkward grin, as though he'd never smiled in his life.

"You show kindness to the girl, I admire that. Your life shouldn't be wasted in a place like this," he replied and led her into a kitchen of sorts. He opened a cabinet and pulled out a splint and gauze. He took Drew's hand and placed it gently on the brace. He placed another splint on the other side of her wrist and taped the old gauze onto it. He began to wrap her hand and finished in a matter of minutes.

"Thank you, Fayaen," she said calmly and looked up at him. His cat- like eyes penetrated hers. She felt a blush form on her cheeks and quickly looked down. He smirked and ruffled her hair. He walked passed her and into the living room.

'What's going on here?' she asked herself and turned to watch him turn a corner. 'It's as though he's toying with me. Maybe it's all a trap? But how could that be? If he let me go the only thing he'd accomplish is recapturing me.' She entered the living room and looked over to Fayaen who was sitting on the cough, facing her.

"What's the real reason for letting me go?" she asked, her eyebrow quirking upward in suspicion. Hek smirked and looked away.

"What, you don't trust me?"

"Am I expected to?" Drew asked back. Hek's smirk widened.

"I see. What sort of convincing do you need?" Hek said and looked back over to her. Drew looked at him in an even more puzzled manner. She couldn't understand him. Was it a change of heart, or a sinister plot of some sort?


The sun was beginning to rise, casting eerie shadows throughout the forest. Malachi and Caleb had been trudging through the woods since the previous night. They were at least half an hour from home.

"So, do you think she's alive, or are you just coming with me for protection?" Malachi asked, not looking at Caleb.

"I am more hoping that she is alive than thinking she is," he said sadly. Malachi sighed and was silent from then until they got back to the barn.


The duo knocked on the barn door and stood back. A woman's voice delicately answered from the other side.

"Password," she ordered crisply and awaited their answer.

"Hey Christine. It's Malachi and Caleb," Malachi said quietly. "This life sucks," he said and waited for Christine to approve the password.

"Hold on," she said and there were various metal and chain sounds from behind the door before it slowly creaked open. They stepped inside the dimly lit room to see Christine's dark figure looming in the basement's doorway with a bat in her hands.

"Don't worry Chrissie, it's really us," Caleb said wearily and set his packs down on the ground. Malachi dropped his and flopped down on top of them, fatigue taking a hold of his muscles. Christine walked over to them slowly to get a better look at them. As soon as she saw Caleb's tired face she determined that it was them and dropped her bat to the floor.

She ran over to Malachi and hugged him tightly. She grabbed Caleb's arm and pulled him down to join the group hug.

"Thank god you're back. We've had two attacks and the children have been horrified without you," she said, tears beginning to form in her eyes. She'd always loved them as though she was their mother, seeing as how she raised them. Her eyes blinked open and grew wide in the sudden realization that Drew wasn't among them. She let go of the boys and they fell backward.

"Where's Drew?" she asked and pierced their eyes with her intense look of fright. Malachi looked up at her sadly and Caleb looked at his hands to avoid her stare.

"She's gone," Caleb said simply and rubbed his arms. Christine's eyes brimmed with tears as he said this and she shook her head.

"You're lying! She can't be gone!" she said and sat up gripping Caleb's arms tightly. She shook him and began to curse and shout insanely.
"What happened to her?! How could you let her out of your sight?!" she screamed and shook him madly. Caleb grabbed Christine's shoulders and stopped her from shaking him.

"Christine stop! It wasn't our fault! She was the sentry! She disappeared when she was the sentry! Don't get mad at ME!" he shouted and pushed her off of him. Malachi sat up and wrapped his arms carefully around Christine and hugged her weakly. She began to bawl unbearably and leaned into Malachi's chest, clutching his sweatshirt tightly. Caleb growled and stormed downstairs, pulling the bags with him.


Caleb looked at every one of the bunkers to find a sleeping child in each one. Instead of waking them, he decided to lay new clothes at the base of each of their beds.

He delicately laid a lime green and yellow t-shirt, black bellbottoms, and a green sweatshirt at the base of Sierra's bed. He walked over to Amber's bunk and laid an orange Chevelle long-sleeved shirt, a red sweatshirt, and brown slacks at the end of hers. He then walked over to the twin's beds and placed a blue t-shirt with black overalls and a dark blue sweatshirt at the end of each bed.

He then walked over to the last occupied bed: Kyle's. He looked at the shivering boy and shook his head. The kid was scared of everything. He placed a yellow long-sleeved shirt, khaki pants, and a black sweatshirt at the end of his bed. After he was finished with picking out everyone's outfits, he grabbed the shoes and put them on the ground beside every bed and stuffed them with socks. He then put two pairs of underwear on each person's pile of clothes.

The left over clothing consisted of two sweatshirts, three pairs of girl underwear, a bra, two pairs of socks, three t-shirts, a pair of shoes and two pairs of pants. He put them in the supply closet at the end of the hallway and looked into the other bags.

He took out the weapons and put them on the shelves in the empty supply closet and then looked at the food. He and Malachi had already eaten one of the noodle packs so there were only 4 packages left. There were still 2 cans of beans and the candy bars and he put them beside the weapons.

When he got to the portable DVD player he smirked to himself. He couldn't wait to show the others what it was. He placed the box up hi on the shelf, out of the sight of the children, along with four DVDs consisting of 'Mrs. Doubtfire', 'Meet the Parents', 'Lilo and Stitch', and 'Fast and Furious'.

He decided to leave Malachi and Christine alone and unstrapped the sleeping bag from his backpack. He set it upon his bunk and jumped onto the bed, the rusty springs squeaking unpleasantly. He untied his new boots and placed them beside his bed and laid down. His brand new sleeping bag smelt of the store and he rolled over onto his back to get out of the smell. He flipped the light switch beside his bed and the fluorescent lights dimmed and finally flickered out. He closed his eyes and drifted into an uneasy sleep.


Drew and Hek sat on opposite sides of the decomposing couch. She sighed deeply and looked over at him to see the Hybrid staring at her. She quickly looked away and fiddled with her hands.

"Why does my presence bother you so?" he asked kindly. She snorted and looked over at him angrily.

"Possibly because I was abducted. Get that through your stupid Hybrid head," she said calmly and went back to looking at her hands. His patience was wavering, but he continued to keep his cool.

"Just leave then," he said simply and scratched his chin. She narrowed her brow and continued to look at her hands.

"I will on one condition," she said calmly. Hek raised his brow and looked at the girl intensely.

"Yes?" Hek queried. Drew looked up at him sternly.

"You let Maria come with me," she stated firmly. Hek smirked on the inside at her words. It would save him the trouble of asking Drew to take her. He'll finally get what he desired most and no one would stop him.

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