Little Jif Miller
Sat on a pillar
Eating his gross school food
He stuck in his spork
And he pulled out a cork
And then little Jif yelled "DUDE!"
Little Miss Warner
Sat in the corner
Nibbling on her toes
Along came ol' Oeschy
And called her a Hershey
Upon which she picked her nose
There was an old man of Flint,
Who dreampt he was eating some lint.
He awoke with a start
And a fast-beating heart
To find it was merely a mint.
There once was a Saranacian dude
Whose manners were terribly crude
He scooped up a bug
And shoved it in his ugly mug
And the bystanders shrieked "how rude!"
There was a young girl of Detroit
Who at singing was rather adroit
She wrote a song about her friend
That didn't have an end
Because she couldn't rhyme with "adroit".