Blood Moon Dance

By: Akiko Minako

Chapter 1 - The Final Battle

"I thought I told you to leave these people alone!" I yelled out, grabbing the blade of the sword between my hands, a slight growl emerging from deep within my throat.

"To bad for you miss princess, it won't happen like that, so nice try!" Madoushi yelled back at me, releasing the hilt of his sword and sending his foot towards my stomach.

I dropped his sword to my side and caught his foot, stopping his foot from completing what was ordered of it.

"Please stop this Madoushi! I don't like the thought of me having to kill you!" I yelled out once more as my eyes began to burn and the tears blurred my vision.

"Sorry babe, loved to but can't. Duty is duty, and that's something I can't ignore!" he yelled back at me once more, grabbing his sword from the ground by my side.

I fell to my knees, blood running from my side and to the ground as the tears ran down my cheeks, smearing the blood and dirt on them.

I watched him as he held his sword up watched as he brought it down, the blade of the sword aimed at my heart.

When it was about six inches away, I would say, I closed my eyes, then heard the sound of another sword against Madoushi's, but yet I refused to open my eyes to see who it was.

"Leave Miko alone Madoushi!" I heard a female voice.

"Miko! Miko! Open your eyes hun," came a different female voice, which sounded younger then the other, it came from the person who was shaking me.

"Akiko! Look out for theā€¦.. Never mind," came the same voice once more.

"Emiko! How is Miko doing?" came the other voice, Akiko.

"She refuses to open her eyes, Akiko! What should I do?"

"Take her inside and place her somewhere safe; if she isn't going to fight then no need for her to be out here to get killed."

"What about you sister?"

"I can hold my own in a fight, better then you could do on your own!" Akiko yelled, laughing a bit.

"Hey! Just because I'm the youngest doesn't mean you can poke fun at me!"

"Sure it --"

"Akiko! Watch out!"

That was the last thing I heard from either of them for a couple of minutes. It was silent except for the sound of swords banging against each other in the background from other fights, I was wondering what had happened.

"A-A-Akiko!" Emiko finally yelled out, holding back sobs.

I felt Emiko pull her hands from my shoulders and go over in the direction of Akiko.

I finally opened my eyes to see something I had feared. I saw my younger sister holding my older sister in her arms, blood all over her front and on the ground, it was Akiko's.

My glance shifted from Akiko to Emiko. I noticed a figure walk up behind Emiko form the corner of my eye, and glanced at the figure to see Madoushi standing there, holding his sword at my younger sister's back, it aimed towards her heart.

"Emiko! Look out!" I yelled, hoping she would move fast enough to avoid it, seeing as she was the fastest out of all three of us, but she wasn't. Madoushi's sword went into her back and straight out through the front of her chest, blood appearing on his already blood stained sword, and on the ground.

My eyes widened as I watched my younger sister's body fall on top of my older sister's body, both of them dead, their blood making a puddle around both of them.

I closed my eyes and fought back even more tears as the skin on my back started to burn, right near my shoulder-blades.

The skin on my back spited apart, two point emerging from the splits. Soon, they got bigger and spread out, them being a pair of black demonic wings, covered in blood from appearing from my inside of my back.

I winced a bit at the pain from my wings appearing, but quickly got over it for this wasn't the exact first time something like this has happened, and most of the time, the pain was worse.

I placed my hands on the ground and pushed up, helping myself to get to my feet and stand. I stood there for a bit as some of the blood dripped to the ground from my wings. I then walked over to my sisters and pulled a sword from my older sister's hands, closing my eyes for a bit, then glaring over at Madoushi, smirking lightly.

I didn't realize I was smirking, it was odd for when my wings appeared or something else strange happened like that I normally couldn't control what I did, it was as if my body had been taken over and I was stuck there, watching.

I pushed off the ground, heading towards Madoushi, the power I received had spread out, killing all those weaker then myself, even my own soldiers.

I dragged my sword along the ground for a bit as I glided right above the earth, full of blood stain and dead bodies.

I pulled my sword off the ground and brought it up, sending the tip of the blade towards Madoushi's heart.

He watched me and then brought his sword up and pushed the blade of mine out of the way, sending his right knee towards my stomach as I dropped to my feet.

I growled and grabbed his knee with my hand and pushed it back down to the ground. I then ducked down and twirled around, bringing my foot out towards his feet. He watched and jumped over them, I grabbed my sword from the ground as I stood up.

I then sent my blade towards his side but he quickly brought his sword up and stopped my, forcing it back and out of my hand. But thankfully, his sword was also forced out of his hand. Both our sword fell to the ground with a clanking sound.

The moment I heard the sound of the sword hitting the ground I brought my right foot off the ground and sent it out towards Madoushi's side. He quickly grabbed my foot and threw it to the ground, bringing his knee up and towards my gut once more.

I pushed my hand out and caught his knee, and then brought my fist towards his chest. He brought his hand out to grab my wrist and would've if he had been a bit quicker, but I was faster; my fist hit his chest and sent him back to the ground, sliding a bit on his back.

I threw my hand down towards the ground and a dagger fell into the palm of my hand. I then tossed it towards his heart, watching as the dagger flew through the air and hit his chest. It first slid through the front of his shirt and then made its way through the skin and then past the ribcage, right into his heart.

I walked over to him and looked down upon his lifeless body as though he were my enemy. Afterwards my wings slowly pulled themselves back in my back where they had sprouted from, the wounds closing up and stopping the blood as the scars there appeared.

After that, I didn't look down at him as though he were my enemy I looked down upon him as though he had been someone I loved dearly, someone that was close to my heart. I then fell to my knees, tears falling down upon my cheeks as they smeared the dirt and blood on my cheeks more.

How had all this come to happen? How had it all come to be? Why did all this happen? Was it meant to be, if so then why did it have to happen to me? Why did it have to Madoushi I had to kill? Why did he have to lead the enemy? And why did I have to lead my soldiers? Why did I have to be the one to fight the other leader? Why did any of this have to happen? These questions ran through my head as I looked over at my dead sisters, and then down at my dead love. Why?

Flashbacks leading up to these last moments ran through my head. Everything that had come to pass ever since I had met Madoushi that one day in the woods, the day he saved my life and won my heart. Not to mention everyone's at the palace for saving not only me but possibly my sisters as well.

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