"Hm, well, Rowen, why don't you show the band how it's done?" Mr. Kizkveh, the band teacher, stated.

Fourth period: Wind Ensemble Nn. I loved band, don't get me wrong, but the people were just ugh.

Except for a select few, of course. Mainly.. Koji and Well, my huge crush since elementary school;


I shook my head to clear my thoughts and brought my flute to my lips, playing the ten measures to

perfection. I smirked at my band nerd friend, Koji, who was seated behind me. "Go Rowen!" He

whispered, tilting his sax to the side.

I smiled, listening to the other flautists gasp. Dear lord, it wasn't hard. Just a set of sixteenth notes

scattered about the staff Mhn. All the flutes were gathered in the front row, and I was the only one who

sat in the second row. I simply liked it better. I felt like I was in exile, however I was far off to the side,

away from pretty much everyone. Oh well.

"That was beautiful, Rowen, good job." Mr. K said, beaming. "Now, I want you other flutes to play it just

like that."

I got a few dirty looks from the others, and blinked. I was used to the scorn by now, and shrugged it off.

We kept playing, and then Mr. Kizkveh dismissed us. I took my time taking my flute apart, carefully

swabbing it out and placing it gently back in its spot. The other band students were long gone, hurrying

out to catch up with their friends for lunch.

I heard the unmistakable sound of drumming, though, and turned my head. The sight that greeted my eyes

was breathtaking.

There, drumming, was Eian. His wavy brownish-black hair strung across his face, a lopsided smile gracing

his features. His black trenchcoat swayed back and forth, rubbing against his black-and-white-striped

socks. He suddenly stopped, and looked up at me, grinning. "Are you just going to stand there and stare?"

he asked.

I blushed. "O-oh.. I'm sorry! Was I disturbing you? You just Wow. Where'd you learn to play like

that?" I managed to stutter out.

He laughed. "I taught myself, really. Being in band helped, though Well.. duh. Of course it did. Sorry,

I'm an idiot."

I smiled. "Nah, I'm worse!" I replied.

"You wanna play?" He asked.

"Me? Play? But I'm not a percussionist.. Or.. Anything like that" I said nervously.

"Heh, I know that. You're the talented flute player. The only talented flute player in this band" He

paused to grin wryly at me, "But c'mon, I'll show you how!"

I blushed slightly at his comment, but threw down my backpack and carefully set my flute on a nearby

chair and hopped down the stairs to the drum set.

"Alright, here, sit down" He said, gesturing to the chair he was just sitting on. I obeyed. "Here are the

sticks- no, hold them like this"

I blinked up at him, completely at a loss. "Okay, now .. Here, I'll help." He said, amusement etched on his

face, and grabbed my arms from behind, helping me with this strange new instrument.

I loved the feeling of his warm hands on my cold arms and before I knew it, I was leaning into his chest.

I had completely stopped playing, and had my head resting on his chest. I immediately snapped out of it,

and jumped up. "Oh god! I'm so sorry! I just- you- I mean.. You're so warm..." I said, smiling sheepishly.

He let out a hige grin and slid an arm around my shoulders. "Am I?"

"Nn" I muttered in agreement and, blushing, ran out the door, grabbing my flute on the way.

'You should have stayed!' A voice - Koji's voice - reprimanded in my head.

'I'm too shy, though' I argued.

'Geez, Rowen, you've gotta get over it. You can slay, but not even-'

'SHH!!' I cut the voice off. 'They might be listening!'


I growled to myself and walked out to the vast, concrete-covered, over-populated area of space lovingly

dubbed 'The Junkyard' by Koji and I

'Koj', where are you?' I sent.

'Where ELSE?' His voice said bitterly. I could almost see him smirking.

'Shut up.' I snarled, walking towards the desolate area where we always hung out during lunch.

I saw the familiar green of the trees surrounding our enclousure, and smiled, running up to it. I walked

inside, and saw Koji chewing on a sandwich. "Give me some!" I demanded.

He smiled slightly and handed me half. "For someone so skinny, you sure eat a lot." He said.

I shrugged. "Blame my metabolism."

"Yeah, just 'cause you're an athlete" He teased.

My eyes widened. "Shut up, Koji! You know you're not supposed to speak of that at school." I hissed.

"Yeah, yeah, but what are the chances of them being at our school, anyway?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Anyone could be one of them!" I snarled. "Don't take chances."

"Alright, alright. But isn't that why we don't socialize? Like you and your precious Eian?" He questioned,

raising an eyebrow.

I sunk down onto my knees, grabbing my head with my hands. "God, I know I know"

I suppose he felt bad about it, because he put an arm around me and patted my back. "I'm sorry, Rowen..

I know it must be hard, having only me for a companion. I know I'm going through the same thing,

but I mean, at least the people seem to like me"

"Yeah, 'cause you're hot." I spat out, looking up at him.

One corner of his mouth tilted up slightly. "You'd be surprised of the things the guys say about you in the

locker room" He taunted.

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

He chuckled. "You think too low of yourself. I, being the chivalrous one, have to beat off the guys from

raping you."

I rolled my eyes. "Mmhmm.. Which is why I've never been asked out on a date?"

"Precisely!" He exclaimed proudly, puffing out his chest and sticking his chin up in the air.

"Please.. You're not that intimidating. I'm stronger than you!"

"Yes, another reason why you haven't been asked out. They're afraid of you. You're too.. scary." He said,


"Oh well It's not like I'd be able to go on a date, anyway" I said, sighing.

"You don't have to follow The Code word for word, you know, Ro" He said softly.

"But" I started, looking up at him helplessly.

He smirked. "I wouldn't tell anyone.." He drawled, winking. "So if your little crush asks you out, go


I smirked back. Yeah, I guess it would be good for me to be more social I wish I didn't have to worry

about these damn things, though

It sucks being a Slayer.

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