Layer after layer

The pain comes again

Sinisterly I watch,

As the blood flows from the shallow wound

I'm an Insect,

Crushed and stepped on by superiors

And loved only by my kind

I fall to my death

So shiny and weak

Deforming... It comes.

And blow after blow,

I realize I'm a fool

I'm an Insect,

Shunned and spat upon

I close my eyes and wish to be something else

But when they open, I'm still ugly

The tears that flow freely at night

Dry and immobile by day

My mouth is parted,

I lap up the blood

I'm an Insect,

There is no release

So why do I do this to myself?

Just cross out the pain

What's that red patch?

Just close your eyes, Oblivious

Ignore it, it will go away

And I will escape.

I'm an Insect,

Crawling by your feet

Please don't see me,

Please leave me alone.

I fall and I cower,

I am your slave, I am submission..

Just let me alone,

I am a lowly Insect

A/N: Depressing You don't want to know my inspiration for this. Eh, but I can tell you it wasn't stepping on a bug. O_o; I know this isn't very good, but I love it. I simply love this. I want to know what you guys think it's about. It is partly about how I feel like an unimportant insect in this world, and everyone steps on me to bring themselves up, and that whole thing.. But, there's more to it. It might be obvious, I'm not sure. o.O

This poem reminds me of Dir n Grey trnslations. O_o;;; The way it'swritten. Ho hum.

My favorite part of this is the

" I close my eyes and wish to be something else

But when they open, I'm still ugly"

Part. O_o; But I'm going to stop rambling now. o_O