Where am I?
When did I get here?
Why was I brought?
To this place,
Just to live in fear?
Just questions that,
I ask myself.
when will the blood red sun set?
When will the full silver moon rise,
To meet this dark new night?
How will I go?
How long will it take?
How do I get there or here?
Do I go left then right,
Or right then left?
I just can not decide...
Do I look up as it rains,
Letting the drops shimmer on my face,
Or down into a hole,
To hide from this place?
Or should I look straight ahead,
and see what is coming for me?
Does it feel like your falling,
Or is the ground flying up to embrace you?
Is it the bullet that takes your life?
Do you die from falling,
or is it the impact upon the earth?
Will I see tomorrow,
or will tonight be all?
In the faint moonlight,
My blood will look black,
as it mixes with the black cloth.
As for all of the questions,
I won't bother looking back,
I won't bother trying to answer them.
I will only realise that they are,
just questions that go through my mind.
Just questions that,
I ask myself.