(Crush[Ed] Heart)
Heart cries to heart
Though no sound is heard
Love plays a part
In only my world
Life goes on though
I will time to stop
Angel brings woe
Heart fatally drops
Bright light defines
Flights of compassion
Darkness: I pine
One-way attraction
Highlights of days
Eclipsed by long weeks
They pass in a haze
As suffering weeps
Discarded past
Still higher than I
Denied, outclassed
Hopelessly I vie
Coaxing a smile
A delighted laugh
Nulls no exile
Brings no other half
Striving in vain
Happiness for hers
Soul pain sustains
And I feel the burn
Depression lurks
Swings by elation
Long line of dirks
Back-stab; evasion
Shoulder to cry;
Once more forgotten
Life passes by
We're misbegotten
Pain beyond pain;
I'm not in your dreams
Hope can't take strain
Nonetheless I believe!