Florida, 1980

Tony Barrens, a world-reknowned dollmaker, sat in a dark room of his home in West Palm Beach, Florida. He sat in quiet focus, sewing together a strange-looking doll. It's head was disproportionate to the rest of it's body, and it had thin, straggly limbs that hung limply by it's side. It had large eyes, slits for a nose, and a smiling mouth. It's hair was straggly and wirey, and stuck out in all directions. It's torso was brown fabric, unlike the rest of it's body, which was grey. It seemed to be very poorly sewn together, and didn't even slightly compare with his other dolls, yet he could not stop working on it, and his wife was starting to worry.

Mrs. Barrens knocked softly on the door. "Honey? Are you alright?" She asked. "You've been working on that thing all day.... I'm starting to worry about you." "I'm fine, sweetheart." Came the reply. "Just dont worry about me. I'll come out as soon as this is finished." "Alright.... you've been acting so strange lately, Tony. I'm really worried about you." She said, walking away. He had started working on the doll a few days ago, and had spent most of his time locked in the room, working on it. She had asked him at one point what was driving him to work on this doll, and the answer had simply been "I don't know." When he wasnt working on the doll he was very quiet, not at all like his normal, cheery attitude.

About an hour later, she came and knocked on the door again. "Tony?" No answer. She knocked a bit harder. "Tony? Are you in there?" Still no answer. "I'm coming in!" She said, pushing open the door. At once, she clasped her hands over her mouth to keep herself from screaming. On the sewing table was the doll, finished. It's eyes seemed to look up at her, taunting her. On the floor against the wall was Tony. His wrists had been cut with a sewing needle, which was still grasped in his hand. He had dipped his finger in the blood, and on the wall written three letters, three letters that would haunt Mrs. Barrens untill the day she died.


And with that, Mrs. Barrens screamed.