Another life taken and with it so many others
Shrapnel ricochets off the whitewashed walls
Now crimson with spilt blood
The blood of innocents
What have we done?
Is this world insane?
We argue and war
Causing injury and pain
Bringing hurt and suffering
A slight disagreement
And we reach for the gun.
What example is this to give the new generation?
He thinks differently,
He looks weird
'Bang', now he's gone
What does this teach the next generation?
A gory equation of death
Bloodshed and War = good way to win?
In war there can be no winner
Victory is temporary and at a cost.
In war there are no winners
Only pain and death
So think dear nation
Before you reach for the gun
Is this the way forward?
Has it come to this?
Brute force and aggression reign supreme?
Is this the way forward?
The barrel of a gun?
Has the cat got our tongues?
Are we incapable of words?
Are we blind to this world?
Let us learn to co-operate
Let us learn to talk
Let us learn of pacifism
Live by the word not by the gun
A word can mean many things
But a gun only one
Death is the gun.