Lord light the fire, Set flint to the stone
Create your spark to make me burn.
This flame in my heart is ebbing away
Slowly but surely its being snuffed out
By the sultan of evil, the prince of all hell.
Satan's dark breath is blowing me out.
He is crushing my faith, like dust in his hands.
Lord, send your love to rekindle my flame
Set flint to the stone; create your mighty sparks again.
Rekindle my great fire, so I might burn with your love
Help me to once more shine with your message of love.
Make me a beacon of faith for the world
To guide the way to your love and warn others of Satan's danger
Lord, send your spirit, to rekindle this flame
Set your flint to the stone, a spark to create
The spark that will help me shine out with this faith
Lord, light my fire; make me glow bright for you
Bright with faith and bright with your love.