I have days, when I feel good about my self.

I have days, when I'm alright.

I have days, that make's me smile, cause I'm alive.

But there are those days,

when nothing seems to go my way.

there those days, when I feel like shit,

feeling ugly, and so worthless

It seems as I'm nothing but a big fat loser, it's eating me up inside, don't want to fall, but it seems I'm gonna.. so why won't you help

And it's all so hard, what should I do. I want to end it all, I just feel so damn silly, cause I'm feeling this way. Oh I want to run, want to hide, but I can't. No, I can't, but I'm braking, yes braking inside.

Who ever said it was easy,

cause it's hard,

hard as hell.

I want to go away, but people keep stopping me.

Saying that it's wrong.

But I don't give a shit,

no more.

I've lost the battle, and I think I've lost the war. And should I care? cause I really don't.

Yes it's all so hard, tell me what to do. And I'm feeling so damn silly, for feeling this way. I want to run away, want to hide, but I can't. No I can't, but don't you see I'm breaking, Yes braking inside....

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Really short and really bad, but it's also very honest and that's gotta count for something?