Livia stared at the blank paper before her. Plain white and unmarked. A generally unremarkable piece of paper. Standard college ruled generic notebook paper.
With a frustrated sigh she threw her pen to the ground and crumpled the paper up and added it to the large pile of blank crumpled paper before her. She had been looking at blank papers for 2 hours, trying to write the Language Arts assignment that was due in her next class.
It was with a mix of great relief and dread that Livia heard the bell, signaling the end of this class. She picked up her books and shoved them in the backpack. Flipping her hair out of the way, she fought her way towards the door. Upon entering the hall she became part of the mass of people changing classes.
Livia separated herself form the pack and made her way at a jog, down the maze of halls that led to her class. She stopped at the door for that dreaded class. About a thousand excuses for the unfinished paper were flying around in her head. She opened the door and slipped up to her seat, still without a believable excuse.
A tall boy with a mop of auburn covering his eyes dashed through the halls, knocking down anyone unfortunate enough to be in his way.
Kerry cursed his unusually bad luck. First day in a new school and he had already missed one full class, and was running late for the next.
Livia listened to the teacher drone on. He had waited a few minutes as if for someone but then shut the door and began his drabble.
Why oh why couldn't this be a better class like.
Livia was broken out of her thoughts by the sound of a slamming door. A boy she had never seen before was standing at the front of the class. His hands were balanced on his knees and he was breathing hard. Obviously he had run just to make it here. A stupid decision in Livia's mind. What sane person would run to make it to a Language Arts class?
The teacher must have noticed the kid because his awful droning had paused. Livia mentally groaned as she watched him open up that accursed mouth of his again.
The teacher's grating voice erupted again. "Ah you must be Master Galvin, how nice of you to grace us with your presence. Class this is a new student, Kerry Galvin. Mast Galvin you may take a seat."
Kerry looked up and nodded. He started scanning the room for a seat. Oh, of all the classes of all the schools, she had to pick this one for him. There wasn't a spare seat he could see, anywhere. With a sigh Kerry turned to the teacher to see him in the middle of a sentence, completely absorbed in whatever is was he was blabbing about. With yet another sigh Kerry reached over and tapped his shoulder, several times.
The teacher turned around to see the new kid standing there with a black look on his face. Why wasn't he sitting in a seat?
Kerry noticed the teacher's confused look and spoke up. "Excuse me sir but I can't seem to find a seat, they all appear to be filled."
The teacher sighed and began to speak. "There should be a seat free by Ms. Clay. Ms. Clay please raise you hand. Ms. Clay raise your hand. RAISE YOUR HAND NOW MS. CLAY!"
Kerry wasn't really listening to the teacher but he got the gist of it, who ever had a free seat was to raise their hand. He scanned the room and saw a hand reluctantly rise in a dark corner of the room he hadn't seen. Great now he had to sit by some guy who probably had hated his guts on sight. This really wasn't his day.
Kerry made his way toward where he had seen the hand, as the teacher began lecturing again. With out looking around he found the empty seat and sat down thinking about his terrible luck.
After a couple of minutes of listening the teacher's monotone droning Kerry decided to check out the guy he had to sit beside.
All that Kerry could see of the guy was his back and a mass of straight blonde hair pooling everywhere.
Livia had her head down, only two inches off her desk, hoping that her hair would hide her work from prying eyes. After all this report was supposed to have been done 15 minutes ago, and if not for that nagging feeling of being watched, she probably would have had it already done.
Livia lifted up her head, brushing her hair aside, only to see two green eyes, on black and blue. Why was the new kid staring at her and why did he have a black eye?
Kerry thought he was going to have a heart attack. The so called guy had lifted "his" head and brushed aside the long hair, only to reveal he was a she!
A kind of pretty she with blue eyes and skin as white as fresh fallen snow. Kerry suddenly realized that she was looking at him. He flashed the supposedly disarming smile he was known for back home. He was sure this would work, but to his utter amazement the girl merely frowned and muttered something.
His curiosity peeked Kerry spoke to her. "Excuse me Ms, Ms?"
Livia groaned, but responded. "Clay."
Kerry smiled again, "Right, Clay. What was that you just said, Ms. Clay? I didn't catch it."
Livia looked straight at him, well he had asked for her to repeat it. "I said that you were an idiot." With that Livia returned to the evil report.