For the first time in her life Livia was the first student out of Nature Appreciation and Survival class. As soon as they were dismissed Livia rushed of the class in relief and joy. She was headed toward lunch and none too soon in her mind. Livia careened down hallways leaving everyone nearby in shock at her unusual behavior. Without as much as an excuse me, she pushed and shoved and pushed her way through the mass of adolescents. Upon reaching her destination, the cafeteria, Livia heaved a deep sigh and plopped her self down in a seat. She could hear the happy chatter of students all around and in the background played Christmas music. After a few moments of just sitting there with her eyes shut, Livia began to unpack her lunch. To her disappointment her lunch turned out to be a soggy tuna sandwich and bottled water, as was unfortunately the usual. Livia sneered at her lunch and shoved it back to where it had come from; she didn't have the stomach to swallow that today. Livia, now without a lunch to spend lunch period consuming, decided to observe the goings on around her. She began her inspection on the portion of the room to her left; it was just as her ears had told her happy students chattering about the upcoming Christmas break. Livia turned to inspect the right side of the room, only to see guess who? That's right, the new kid.
Kerry had watched in amusement as "Yaaig" came running into the cafeteria doing a wonderful impression of a spooked deer. Then to his surprise and increasing amusement she had plopped down in a daze in the seat next to him. Kerry barely resisted the urged to tap the girl on the shoulder. Instead he watched her scan the room waiting for her to notice him. His patience paid off in the end, the look on her face when she saw him was hilarious. Her eyes must have doubled in size and her mouth just hung open. Kerry just couldn't stop himself from commenting.
He said, "Better close that mouth. That is unless you're attempting design a new fly trap. If that is the case then please don't stop on my account."
Those words were enough to snap Livia out of her stupor. Hardening her eyes she did the one thing, not even her brother had managed to her to do. She screamed.
Gasping for air after her outburst, Livia screamed again, only this time it was actual words. "How did? What the? AR! What DO YOU DO, TELEPORT OR SOMETHING?" she screamed.
Kerry had nearly passed out. Not only were his ears still ringing, but also the whole time the girl had been yelling he had felt and enormous pressure crushing down on him. The pressure had dissipated just as she stopped and not a second to soon either. Yet before Kerry could dwell on this new bit of information or answerer "Yaaig" something interrupted him.
Before Kerry stood a brunet. She had curly hair and dancing hazel eyes. Across her face she wore a smile so sugary sweet it almost sickened Kerry. Still, other than the smile, the girl seemed nice enough. Then she opened her mouth.
"Like, Oh my God, your, like, that new kid, like, yeah! Oh my God, like, WOW! I so wanted to talk to you and, like, ask." babbled the girl.
Kerry was taken aback by the sudden onslaught. 'Does it breath' was his only coherent thought. After all he had yet to see the monstrosity in front of him pause for a breath yet.
For once in her life Livia actually was happy about having Mandy appear. She was terrorizing the kid better than she ever could. It was great, well at least it was until the 700th like, by then Livia getting a strange but not unfamiliar urge to strangle the girl. After a few more moments Livia came to a decision. As much as she couldn't stand the new kid, Mandy had to go, now.
Livia rose out of her chair. She had and idea, it was lame, but it just might work, considering who she was dealing with.
Pointing across the room, she squeaked, "Oh my God! Is that the Easter Bunny?!?!?"
This caused most everyone nearby to look at her like she had three heads, but it had the desired effect.
Mandy screeched, "Where?" Then took off in the direction Livia had pointed.
Kerry was relived beyond belief, but was completely confused. How could anyone have fallen for that? Not only was it dumb all around, but also it was the DEAD of WINTER! Kerry just couldn't figure it out, so he merely shrugged. Then, turning to Livia, he said, "Thank you yaa.. I mean Miss Clay. You saved me from.." Kerry shuddered at the thought.
Livia found herself chuckling and giving the new kid a genuine smile.

She said, "Think nothing of it, and you can call me Livia."
She was surprised to find this to be the truth, but then again few can endure Mandy without being changed slightly.
Kerry returned the girls smile and mentally noted to remember to call her Livia.
"So what was that?" he asked.
Kerry watched as Livia shivered from head to toe. Obviously he had only gotten a sample of the evil that thing could release. Livia's voice had broken him out of his thoughts; it was depressing and ominous, making him feel as if the world had lost all life.
"That was Mandy" was all she said.
Suddenly Livia rounded on Kerry and demanded he hand over his schedule to her. In his shock he turned it over to her without protest. Kerry watched in strange fascination as Livia scanned over the schedule in all of two second and slammed her head into the table. What could she gave figured out that fast? He still hadn't made heads or tails of the confusing piece of paper. So far he had been lucky enough to have others point out which classes were his and where they were. Well maybe not every time. His black eye was testimony to this fact.
Livia couldn't believe what the schedule said. Sure she had a sneaking suspicion that it would reveal this, but she had hoped that it was not so. At this new information Livia proceeded to repeatedly slam her head into the table.

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