I practically floated up the steps and through the door to where Dominic was

sitting at the kitchen table, eating a sandwich.

"Hey Nikki, how was school?" He asked pleasantly. Yes, he was in a good mood.

"It was great!" I tossed my bag to the ground and skipped over to where he was

sitting, wrapping my arms around his neck. "I got a-" I stopped myself, I'd almost said the

forbidden word, Boyfriend. "Friend, I made a new friend." I covered up quickly.

"About fucking time," He chuckled returning the hug. Just then the phone rang.

Dominic broke the hug and stood, going over to our caller ID. "It's Missy, run along,"

I obliged quickly, knowing fully what this was about. And then the yelling started.

"She said WHAT?" He screamed into the phone. That's when I bolted.

I slammed my door hard, pressing my ear against the wall to hear some of the

conversation. "No-No, I didn't baby!...I swear to God....Of course I love you!..No,

YOU'RE not listen-Calm down!...Yes, I'll "beat some sense into her,"...Yes, love you

too...Bye baby..." The phone clicked and so did the lock on my door. I figured I would let

him cool down before I talked to him. I could hear his angry footsteps pounding up the


flinched and backed down to my bed, sitting on it and watching the handle carefully. The

pounding on my door had erupted and the handle was knocking dangerously.


MAD!" I stayed rooted to the spot, refusing to give in to him.

"No!" I shouted back defiantly.

"Oh that's it..." I could hear him pound back down the stairs, and it was silent for

a few minutes. Then all of the sudden the door flung open, surprising me so much that I

jumped to my feet, squeaking in surprise. Dominic stood there, holding a key in his hand

and panting heavily, his well toned chest was rising up and down dangerously.

"D-Dominic...I c-can- I can explain..." But he wasn't listening. His eyes were

glued to me, the green in them flashing menacingly, and he was removing his belt with

his long, slender fingers.

Earlier his baggy, blue, designer jeans and light blue, Hurley tee shirt, hadn't

intimidated me at all. Now his appearance was heart-wrenchingly frighteningly. I also

knew what was going to happen with that belt. This wasn't the first time.

"Stand up," His voice was steady and low and when I didn't comply, he advanced

on me and yanked me up by my upper arm. His grip was tightening by the second and I

knew it would leave a bruise, if not several. "I believe I told you to STAND UP!" He

flung me over one of my dresses, and the wood twisted painfully into my stomach. But, I

didn't cry. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

"You deliberately LIED to my girlfriend!" CRACK! The belt crashed onto my

back. "You got me in TROUBLE with her!" SLAP! Now it was my ass. "She's mad as

HELL!" SMACK! I clenched my hands into tight fists, gritting my teeth. "And (CRACK)

now (CRACK) you're (CRACK) going (CRACK) to pay!" CRACK, CRACK, CRACK!

My butt and back were on fire, and I could no longer control the tears that had pooled in

my eyes. SLAP SMACK CRACK! Three more hard, agonizing hits, and he was done. He

threw the belt down onto the bed and grabbed my upper arms again, spinning me around

and slamming my back into the dresser again. "If you ever, EVER, lie to my girlfriend or

me again, you won't SIT down for a WEEK!" One last shake and he was gone, leaving

me to sink to the ground and cry.