Throes of Chaos

            Parker found himself at Kael's house and just as he had entered he saw two forms leave. His vision was still blurry from Bridge's message and there was a certain something else interfering with his concentration, and his worst fear was Bridge's safety but if he didn't go through with the plan then no one would ever be safe again. He was standing in front of the doorway and on the dirt-path in front of the house he saw two forms leave. The burn in his eyes that had been strong when Bridge had initially sent the images and thoughts was now leaving him and his senses came back ten-fold…then he felt an even stronger cry echo in his mind. It was the most powerful message he'd ever felt. It seemed to swim inside his head and encase the outside of his head with throbbing pain.

            Beneath him his knees buckled and he landed with a loud thud on the patio in front of the house. It wasn't a normal message that occupied your thoughts for a few seconds or even like Bridge's message that seemed to cloud his thoughts, no, this message; which was more like a cry, filled his entire being. It was a cry of desperation, someone was fearing for someone and feeling their last ounce of energy leaving them. Something wasn't right. This wasn't according to plan. Something was happening.

            Parker's own thoughts seemed to overcome the pain in his head. Bridge, our baby! It was like an the power of worry seemed to lift him to his feet but it simply wasn't enough. His knees were just no good and he fell back down. The cry echoed in his head and rang out, deafening him. He grabbed furiously at his head to cry to subdue the pain with force, but nothing came. He thought it better to focus his strength and mind power on transporting rather than standing up. Once he was assured his wife and baby was safe he could relax and concentrate on other things. What if they're not all right Parker? Then what? Parker shook his head and pushed the thoughts aside. Now was not the time for negativity!

            He shut his eyes tightly, and gathered bits and pieces he could salvage of his memory amidst the pain. The picture of his house was sketchy and extremely blurry but it was all he could get of what he had to use. His brain was scattered by the cry. He was lucky he could even think of anything else besides the pain and the cry itself. Nodding slightly to himself he focused harder on the picture in his head and his body disappeared from the spot on the patio. The last time he ever had to concentrate on transporting was when he first learnt to transport. It was definitely a task he despised, but in dire times when family was involved, he would do anything! Maybe, just maybe, if luck was on his side today, he'd be able to convince Kael not to hurt Bridge, maybe he could convince Kael that Bridge was as important to Parker as Samara was to him.

            Parker's form re-appeared on the living room floor in his house. He landed with barely enough strength to make sure his body was on the floor. His strength disappeared and he crumpled on the floor with a loud thud.

            Skalan hadn't quite planned far enough as to where to take Fiona. He couldn't take her back to the dungeon, she would freak out and run away. He had to take her somewhere normal. He could still sense Samara and his best bet was in Fiona. The only question was how to get Samara out of this girl? He could definitely bet that Kael knew how but he wasn't going to tell him. So right now, the only compromise he could come up with was to take Fiona back to Scythe's place. He used to live a regular life; he should have a regular place to live. Skalan had only been to Scythe's house once and he remembered very little but the one room he remembered the most was the basement. If he could transport Fiona to the basement then they'd be fine. He just had to convince her that it was really his house and just put on enough of an act to keep her in the house till he could figure out her connection to Samara. It wasn't only this human's connection to Samara that baffled Skalan. It was the fact that his brother had somehow found his freedom into the mortal world, and worse off, had somehow found a host…that's it! He almost jumped half a mile in the air when the idea hit him. Kael had found his host and taken over already, this human girl was Samara's host and she had yet to take over. That's why her aura was so weak yet present. Even as this 'Fiona' girl lived beside him he could sense, very faintly, Samara's being.

            "So this is where 'normal' vampires live?" Fiona asked, her voice holding a light note of sarcasm to it. Maybe Kael's host lived in somewhat of a shabby estate. Thankfully Scythe had enough brains to keep his abode in fair condition.

"What, pray-tell, do you mean by normal?" Skalan had to make sure he dropped the confused, angry, tone in his voice. He had to win this girl long enough till he could find a way to get Samara out. This –mortal was Skalan's bargaining chip with his brother. Kael's fiancée was hidden under this mortal's soul and if Kael knew the body was in danger, he knew his fiancée, his beloved, was in danger as well. The only question remaining was…what would this girl do if Skalan revealed he knew who was hidden in her? Was Skalan willing to take the risk of revealing the information and scare the girl into running away?

"Normal, you know, not protecting the host of the 'King and Queen' of the vampire race. Not a member of 'The Central'. Normal. Like you sleep here and eat outside like you're supposed to. Not do anything out of the ordinary vampire's day."

"That kind of normal huh? Well…wait, what's the Central?" Scythe had never mentioned anything called The Central to Skalan…neither had any of his other minions. What were they concealing? Was there another conspiracy forming, this time against him?

"I don't know, I just know that Bridge and Parker used to go there a lot and Parker was part of the Central. He mentioned, once, about it being something like a temporary anarchy till the King and Queen rose." Fiona waited a minute before she continued. Closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, she muttered. "Damn queen!"

"Damn queen?" Skalan raised his eyebrow. He was playing his part well. He was supposed to be for the queen and king rising and not against. He was supposed to be a 'normal' vampire, and he intended to play the part.

"It's just that Kael made me clean and cook and all that other crap but whenever he got close enough the stupid queen would want to come out and I'd just be forced to give in." Skalan didn't have to pretend to be curious.

"How were you forced?"

"Well at first she just asks me, a small tugging at my being. I feel a little pain in my chest and a little dizzy. But if I ignore her she gets worse and stops pulling at my heart. She goes straight for my brain. And she'll start with a warning and she puts a little pressure on my brain, enough to make it buzz a little. If I keep ignoring her the pain gets worse and worse and my body starts to go limp, she slowly forces her way into controlling my body. I can feel my thoughts go blank except for the pain and if I keep it up long enough I can feel the pain kind of slip away too and I fall into a kind of sleep. She just wakes up and takes over."


"Yeah, it's two souls in my body!" her voice gained an air of frustration.

"I take it you don't like sharing." Skalan was actually feeling sorry for the girl. She had no choice in the matter and Kael treated her like crap. Samara was only using her to be with his brother and it sickened him that the two would be so selfish. They spoke so strongly of love and life and yet they took that exact same thing away from this girl. She probably had a love that would've been good to her like Kael was to Samara, but they never gave her the chance.

"I didn't mind it when I had Joel with me but now…now she's getting stronger. Every time she wants to come up I can feel her powers getting stronger. I heard Bridge say something about two weeks away and I guess she gains strength before then." A smile spread across Skalan's face. Samara would be awakening in two weeks, he got the information he needed, now all he needed to do was keep the girl with him long enough to carry out the plan. Which didn't appear to be too hard, she seemed like a nice girl.

"Who's Joel?" Fiona sighed and her shoulders formed a definite slump. She leaned forward and cradled her head in her arms.

"Joel was…is Kael's host. I only got to know him for a short time, it isn't fair…everyone I love is taken away from me!" Tears started to form in Fiona's eyes but she wiped at them furiously. "First that jerk who said he'd marry me, and now Joel!" Her body started to shake slightly as the tears began to form again and her voice got too choked up too handle. Skalan was at a loss for thoughts or words. He sat there, for a brief moment, dumbfounded. He never had to deal with a heartbroken girl before. The only girl he ever loved was executed at Kael's hand as one of his first duties as King in the past.

            "Under treason and treachery she will be executed by decapitation!" Kael rose and addressed the crowd.

"That's too violent darling, even for scum like her!" Samara cast a gaze upon the brutally tortured woman on her knees before them. Her dress was reduced to a white rag, barely hanging from her shoulders. Her hair was strewn across her face and blood dried in splotches on various places on her body. Guards were restraining Skalan as he tried to fight his way to the one he loved. They were going to murder his wife for doing absolutely nothing except succumbing to the brutal force of Kael. They were murdering Tempest for carrying, in her womb, a child. Kael was murdering not only the wife of his brother, but their child too.

            Samara knew the woman was pregnant and according to what she heard it was from sleeping with the guards in the palace to gain access to private rooms so to plan a massacre of the King and Queen. The woman was soon to be her sister in law but she was soon to be dead as well. Skalan would see in due time, his brother truly did love him and only cared for him. He was killing this piece of trash because he didn't want to soil his brother's highly regarded name.

            "Tempest!" Skalan cried out, fighting furiously with the guards to get to his wife. His wife told him everything, and everything was happening for all the wrong reasons.

"Release him." Kael ordered calmly, waving his hands at the guards holding Skalan back. He broke free and pushed his way through the crowd of people gathering. He ran to his wife's side. She was a mortal, and that was why Kael hated her. There was no other reason. Skalan treasured her mortality, and that was why he didn't ask her to bear him a child. The minute she carried a vampire child it ended her mortality and the only way to kill her would be decapitation or burning. He refused to see his wife face either.

"What do you suggest if decapitation is too violent for you my love?" Kael asked, sitting down beside his fiancée.

"Hang her and burn the whole stage…burn her alive Kael! Burn the whore!" the crowd managed to catch on to the last of her spiteful statement and they began chanting out: 'Burn the whore!' Many variations found their ways to Skalan's ears and he burned with fury.

"Tempest I'm so sorry!" he held her close, begging for her forgiveness. If it hadn't been for their love she'd still live.

"There's nothing for you to apologize for my love. I'll take what's coming, and in time everything shall return to those who deal with death."

"I don't want to lose you!" Skalan cried. The crowd was chanting even louder and from the corner of his eye he could see his brother rise from his seat to address the crowd yet again.

"My beautiful and soon to be wife has suggested burning this trash alive while hanging! Do you agree?" Kael yelled, waving his hand across the crowd.

"He treats it like a game." Skalan gritted his teeth. "This isn't a game, she isn't a pawn, she's my wife!" he yelled out furiously. Tempest grabbed Skalan's arm to calm him and bring him back to her.

"Skalan, I love you, I never experienced more pain than the hours I thought you couldn't and wouldn't love me back. There's nothing that can kill me. I'll always be with you. Physical pain is nothing. They can kill me but they can't kill the truth. He won't be able to run from a lie forever." The guards came to grab Tempest. They shoved Skalan aside as he tried to fight to have his last moments with his wife. "I'll see you on the other side." Tempest whispered as they pulled her away. Tears welled up in Skalan's eyes as he mouthed the only thing that could come to mind. 'I love you'. They imprisoned Skalan that day at dusk in an outdoor cage and made him watch as they shoved Tempest onto the platform and slip the rope around her neck. The floorboards beneath her gave way but she still had breath in her and she lived. Then they tossed the torches into the dry grass beneath the platform.

            Kael and Samara simply sat at their thrones looking at each other lovingly and holding each other's hands as they witnessed murder before them. Skalan had no other choice but to watch his wife scream in pain as her flesh was burned. Within what seemed like hours but was truly minutes, the platform had gone up in flames as long as the being of Tempest and her unborn baby.

            Shortly after the burning they opened Skalan's bars and released him. He was lifeless. Instead of rampaging and demanding revenge against his brother he ran. Skalan ran off and found wars for himself. He traveled for days on end and managed to somehow stumble upon the cave of the Kings. Where he found their treasured book, in which he found the spell that would allow him to preserve his soul in a flame in case his human form was murdered.

            After re-assuring the life of his soul, he began to plot revenge against his brother and his fiancée. The guards, who were treated like rats, would have been more than glad to betray and murder the King. But Skalan didn't want murder, no that would be far too easy and not deserving enough of the King. Skalan would lock his brother's soul, and Samara's too, away forever, keeping them miles apart from each other, even though they would be right beside each other. He wanted to do to his brother and Samara what Kael had done to Skalan. He wanted to make him feel the pain of losing the one he loved forever.

            "You want revenge?" Skalan forgot how lost he could get in his thoughts if he unleashed his memories.

"Revenge?" Fiona sounded surprised. "I never thought of it. No! I just want everything back to normal. I'd rather just die and get this over with." This mortal girl reminded Skalan so much of Tempest it scared him. She had so much passion for life, and though Fiona was wishing death upon herself right now he could sense that she had a zeal for life. She had the same intense longing for love that Tempest had, regardless of the race. Fiona turned to look at the man she thought was Scythe. Skalan felt so guilty for all the lies. This girl was like a modern version of Tempest and, just like before, Samara would kill the one thing in the world Skalan was beginning to get attached to.

"The only person I want revenge against is Kael." Skalan found no surprise in that. Seemed that everyone who knew Kael, with the exception of Samara, wanted only revenge on him. He was a ruthless vampire with no morals and absolutely no heart. Skalan was surprised he ever fell for someone like Samara or the other way around.

"So you're happy you're away from him?" Skalan asked, he needed to know if telling her the truth would keep her here.

"Hell yes, I almost killed myself but he stopped me and-" through the bitter tears in her eyes Fiona managed a soft laugh that was choked slightly. "I gave into Samara's urge to wake up. Kael thought Samara wanted to kill herself so I got off the hook." She turned to look at Skalan again. "The only people who treated me like a human being were Parker and Bridge, and now, you. Thank you!" Before she knew what she was doing, Fiona threw her arms around Skalan and hugged him.

"Listen, I need to tell you something." Skalan pulled away from the hug and decided to come clean about everything. "My name is not Scythe, this is just Scythe's body. I need you to not get shocked or scared just hear me out okay. I'm a lot like Kael; I'm not a vampire from today. In fact, as much as I hate to even utter it, I'm Kael's brother. In our day he was crowned King and he had announced Samara as his soon-to-be-wife. One of his first acts as King was to murder my wife because of treason and treachery. But it wasn't. I know the full story and it'll all come out when I get him back properly. My wife was a mortal, just like you, but if a mortal becomes pregnant with a vampire baby then she is no longer mortal and she becomes immortal but not a vampire. The one thing I treasured most about my wife was her mortality and I never wanted to take it away from her unless I had to go to war. She was pregnant with a child that wasn't mine, but that's a whole other story. Kael hated her because she was mortal and he hung her, but that didn't kill her, so Samara suggested burning her. They caged me in front of the platform and I watched as they burned her alive. She didn't even scream, she just looked towards the sky and died slowly.

            "They released me and instead of wanting to kill my brother, I ran away. I ran into the cave of the Kings, an ancient cave, even for us. There was a book there that I'm certain Bridge and Parker has control of now. With the powers in that book, I managed to find a spell that would preserve my soul in a flame if my mortal body were to die. I then began to plot against my brother and his soon to be wife. Every guard in the temple was more than glad to help with the treason and with yet another spell I found in the book of Kings, I managed to put to sleep their soul for many years. They would awaken a thousand maybe more years in the future and be so lost. That was my plan; to rip them apart and make them suffer the way they made me suffer. But I had no clue that the spell would kill their bodies but keep their souls alive. I suppose I'm the one to do this to you then. I'm sorry." Skalan paused for a moment, looking at Fiona for a response. But when none came he decided it best to continue.

            "Only problem was, before I managed to trap Kael's soul, he stabbed me. I trapped him and died. Of course my body was dead but my soul was preserved in a flame that was found by one of the guards. He was a loyal helper of mine and he kept me alive in a stone tomb. Everyone was convinced that the servants of the palace were the ones to murder me and trap Kael and Samara. They had their philosophers calculate the spell and time till they would awaken. I convinced my helper to keep it quiet that I was still alive. I told him to keep watch over my flame and to send someone to watch over my flame before he died. I slept for many years and was only recently awoken. I wanted to wait till Kael and Samara awoke again so I could kill them myself and reveal to all the vampires in the world the truth of what happened. Everyone made me out to be the bad person, they made Kael and Samara the victims. It's all a lie. Everything the vampires have been trying to keep alive is a lie. The anarchy has already fallen, there's nothing they can bring back. They're waiting to bring back the King and the Queen but all they're bringing back is the problems of the past." Skalan stopped again and looked intensely at Fiona. She just stared ahead blankly.

            "Please don't run away. Please! I'm sorry to have to use you like this. If I never talked to you I wouldn't feel so bad but you remind me so much of Tempest…I wouldn't have minded keeping you if I didn't know you were so much like her. Hell if Samara weren't in your body I would've sworn Tempest was in there herself. Heck you could be her soul re-incarnate. She always did believe in re-birth. Listen, you want revenge against Kael, stay here with me and help me carry out my plan and you'll have your revenge."

"But can you keep me alive?" Fiona finally spoke. Skalan was so shocked how easily she was taking it and how calmly she responded.

"I think I can manage something." Skalan went on to explain his plan of Kael'

            Night fell and morning took over the sky like a glorious tidal wave. Fiona and Skalan were getting along greatly, and as much as she tried to close off her emotions towards this vampire, she was beginning to feel a certain liking towards his streak of honesty.

"Something's wrong!" Skalan said as Fiona walked into the kitchen for breakfast.

"What?" Fiona looked around confused. She had an uncanny level of comfort around Skalan.

"Yesterday I could sense my brother's aura, it's a blood connection thing, and it was weak. I figured that Parker and Bridge of yours were taking care of him but his aura isn't strengthening and neither are the three auras around him. One was faint enough before, as if a child was near Kael or something." Fiona gasped.

"It's probably Bridge and Parker, they were probably trying to get Kael out and about…but a child?" The room fell silent for a moment and Skalan instantly felt another presence in the room. Without wasting time to question anything he vanished and re-appeared behind Karin. The servant was all tensed up but the minute Skalan recognized who it was he released him.

"My lord, please forgive me!" Karin begged.

"There's nothing to forgive." Skalan scoffed, and began to walk away when he froze and turned to face Karin with a steely glare. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be keeping an eye on the guardians!"

"My lord I've been looking for you since yesterday. When I reached there Parker had long since gone and I figured I'd stay and watch Bridge, as it was my post to watch them. My lord the female guardian is pregnant. I've been searching for you for a long time now, it only dawned on me now to look at Scythe's house." It was then that Karin spotted Fiona. "Who's she?"

"Bridge's pregnant?" Fiona jumped up, obviously excited. "That's great!" Skalan turned to Fiona.

"Why is that great?" he questioned her.

"You don't understand, Bridge and Parker are newly weds, it's so great that she's pregnant!" Skalan's eyes seemed to glaze over at the mention of newly-weds. He broke free of his slight trance and turned swiftly towards Karin.

"Go back and check on them, make sure the female guardian and her spouse are all right. Report back to me immediately!" Karin stood there dumbfounded, a little slow on the uptake of the whole situation. The only person who knew Skalan's story was now Fiona. "Go!" Karin cringed and disappeared.

            Fiona noticed what Skalan was doing for Bridge and Parker. She ran towards him and hugged him again.

"Thank you so much, this means so much to me, to them!" Karin laughed and pulled himself out of the hug.

"You're quite open to bodily contact aren't you?" he raised an eyebrow at the human girl.

"It's called a hug, and yes I am. Didn't Tempest hug you a lot?" Fiona bit her tongue immediately. Maybe she shouldn't have said anything.

"Tempest…" He sighed and looked off for a moment, and then looked back at Fiona, "Yes, she did like to have a lot of physical contact with me. That was one of the things I loved most about her, she never wanted to let me go, and yet she was so strong for a mortal." A gleam in Skalan's eyes gave away how impressed he was at her strength.

"The power of love will do that to any human. I was once willing to go through any length for someone. A feeling like that is something everyone deserves to experience. Love is…painful a lot of the time but it's always worth it in the end, and anyone truly in love will know that." They smiled at each other and it was like the two had known each other forever and not met only yesterday.

            Their reminiscing moment was cut short by Karin's abrupt appearance in the room. He looked around frantically and stared hopelessly at Skalan.

"My lord they're all out cold! Your brother is with them!" Skalan grabbed Fiona's wrist and disappeared.