I wish for the wind to be warm,

for a love that is deep and pure

I wish for life to be natural,

and a song from the stars

for pain to be a memory

and joy a constant

sunrises should be gentle,

and sunsets glorious

I wish for a strong moon, and a fragile sun

for water to be crystal clear and cool

for lapping waves and fine white sand

I wish for cats as companions

and fireflies to be fascinated by me

for petal softness and spicy sweetness

to color a rainbow in shades of gray

stealing the brightness into our lives

Beauty shine forth and cruelty lend a subtle edge

Flanked by fairness and given high regard

Yon light breaks from its shrouded slumber

in fragrant burst of rosy dawn

sleep, ye weary, and be blessed with an easy mind

your task grows no heavier with the dreams of slumber

sleep then, child of mine