The beautiful darkness fills me

Replacing my hurt with rage

Comfortable in the silence

I burn with unholy hate

Tears of mercy coarse down my cheeks

But that won't save the walking dead

Reawakened my monster stirs anew

Devouring my willing soul.

Offered up is my pity and kindness

On these the beast doth feed

Swallowing whole my humanity

And promising me revenge.

The sight of violence excites me

For fresh blood I do cry out

Seeking another's destruction

Eases my own heart's despair.

The dark becomes my playground

The autumn moon full and red

The flash of blade a warning

To all who cross my path.

Beware, beware for I come for you

The person who has done me wrong

A terrible ache resides in me

To see your innards spill out.

Before me I send my shadow hounds

To flush the quarry out

The scent of fear excites them

Driving them mad for the kill.

A hand one brings to me

The trophy held up proud

And I give praise to that demon dog

For its lovely work this night.

All the limbs are missing

Crimson blood stains the ground

Demon hounds are happily

Gnawing on all your bones.

My dark scythe I wield

Against your straining neck

Severing head from body

In one moment of sheer bliss.

One eyeball is all I take

As token of this act

Preserved in a jar of alcohol

Horror forever etched into that orb.

At last sleep will have me

At last I will find rest

For your existence no longer

Slanders my slumber or my dreams.

The peace at last engulfs me

As Morpheus tucks me in

With your wails still ringing

Like sweet lullaby in my ears.