Waiting in the shadows patiently and still.

Waiting in the corner, waiting just untill,

You get too happy or forget your place,

Then it strikes, smearing blood on your chalk white face.

Once again you cower and fear,

Not wanting it to ever again be near.

"But i'll be back", it slyly sings.

You ponder these words untill they sting.

"There is no escape, so don't even try."

You have been beaten, broken, and now begin to cry.

Pathetic you are, and so you give in.

What have you done?! Commited the biggest sin!

Slit your wrists, and now they bleed

Lying on the floor dying, you forget to need,

A nonexist "god", where is he now?

As you are suffering he is no where to be found.

This is the end now, your lips are turning blue.

The last words you ever say are:

"God, I hate you."