Elemental Saga
Information and History

Firstly, in order to have a better understanding of this original saga, one must understand what is involved and some of the history. Obviously, one doesn't really need to read all of this to follow along in the actual series, but it does help. So, if interested, please feel free to read on as I explain what this universe contains, beliefs, and the Elements involved.

Understanding of the Elements:
In this saga, it is quickly understood that Elements are a key focus of energy. Please do not confuse the Elemental powers that are shown in the series with magic or magick, which is somewhat different in this universe. Elemental energy is basically a drawing of power from a main source, via Lord of that specific element. We will get into the Lords of the Elements later. Elemental energy is infused within each and every race of this unique universe, making certain people able to draw on certain elemental powers, ie: Earth or Wood, or be able to create large amounts of Elemental damage depending on the individual person. As the years go by, this is more determined by race and specific creatures in this race. For example, a Red Centarian can only call upon the Element fire, and a Brown Centarian can only call upon the Element earth. Now, as the series goes along, more complicated versions of Elemental powers such as Fusion Magick will appear, and I'll explain that as well.
Basically, there are five main elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Metal. There are sub elements under certain elements, such as Wood which would be under the Earth element, or Rain, which would be under Water. Each element is controlled by Lords, which were created by the Four Gods(I will explain them shortly). The Lords have unlimited powers when it comes to their element, however, their physical body does tend to become exhausted sometimes. While Lords are immortal in the sense that they never age, they can be killed, and they can create offspring. When a person draws upon an Elemental power, they are drawing on the Lord's powers, which isn't taxing in the least, since their powers are unlimited. Much is still somewhat unknown about the Elements and why they were created, and in the end, only the Gods know.

The Gods:
The origin of this universe was determined by four Gods: Chaos, Order, Oblivion, and Existence. Each God basically is what their namesake is. Oblivion destroys, Chaos brings forth chaos, Order puts it together, and Existence creates. Oblivion and Order tend to take the form of males, whereas Chaos and Existence take on the guise of females. Since they are entities, they have no real form, but when they want to be seen by their subjects, they take on these forms. Chaos is a calm Goddess, who loves to work with Existence to create things and let them run amok on their own. Chaos is the one who created the world of Meedia and the Lords, whereas Existence was the one who created the Meedians and other worlds. Chaos and Oblivion seem to be at odds quite frenquently, as Oblivion enjoys destroying anything that Chaos creates. So whereas Chaos created the Lords, Oblivion created the Larkas, which are the Lords' toughest adversaries. Order prefers to keep out of Meedian affairs, and so created the mysterious race that not even the Lords know anything about. Each entity lives within its own part of the universe. Chaos lives within the VOID, a place where even light cannot venture into without the Goddess' permission. Anyone who is sent to the VOID usually comes out insane. This is the only record that is given about the Gods concerning their location, as Chaos is the most active entity out of all four.

The Planets:
There are few planets that the Gods have created: Meedia, Kadaria and the Unknown Planet(created by Order), and Retalia. There are more planets that are created due to wars, however, we won't be focusing on those until after Tales of a Dark Prince. The Lords reside over Meedia, it has not been confirmed if there were Lords that were created for the other planets.

The Lords of Meedia:
In the first installment of the Elemental Saga, Elemental Beginnings, the Lords of Meedia are a heavy focus. Meedia is the first planet that is created by the Gods in this universe, and they are bestowed numerous powers and abilities. The Lords of Meedia each have their own power, their own place in which they dwell, and their own temples in which the Meedians built. Certain Lords are related, for example, Kard (The lord of Metal) has a younger brother named Filarn (the Lord of Fire), and Arian (the Lord of Wind) has an older brother named Etates(the Lord of Earth). Other Lords are older than others, meaning that even if one element was stronger than another, if the offspring of that element is older than the offspring of the stronger element, then they would naturally be stronger. Age has a lot to do with who's power is more potent than another's.
Each Lord resides within their own domain on the planet Meedia. No Meedian ventures near that location, or is able to reach that location. Each Lord has safeguards to protect their homes, and these safeguards keep unwanted creatures from entering. Every now and then, a Lord will disguise himself as a Meedian to look over the lands.

The Ladies of Meedia:
Just as there are Lords of Meedia, there are Ladies. There are five Ladies in all, each residing on their own moon that hover Meedia. Each Lady controls emotions and co-exist with the Lords to make Meedia healthy. They are worshipped by the Meedians as Goddesses, each having their own festival in coming of their Rising. Each Meedian Moon rise at certain times of the year, and each part of that rising is celebrated by different kingdoms. In Elemental Beginnings two of the Ladies are missing, and their moons are unable to be accessed to. Each Lady is related, so all five are sisters. Each sister has her own home on their moon, which is only accessible by power(In other words, the person who enters is more powerful than her) or by permission. Certain Ladies have mental connections with the Lords, and can speak to them when the Lord is not on their Moon.

Larkas were created by the Entity Oblivion in royally piss off Chaos. It worked. Larkas have no real living form, they are spiritual life forms and their eventual purpose is to destroy the Lords and to reproduce. In order to reproduce, a Larka must take on a host, namely a Lord, and mate with another creature. Note that this also means that the host is also the father, giving the child two fathers instead of one. The host does not physically change, however, its genetic material takes on part of the Larkas making it one. Don't try to worry about that too much, because it'll get confusing after a while.

Elemental Beginnings:
Elemental Beginnings is the first book of many that I plan to write over the years that I exist. There are about six to seven in all, so hopefully I'll finish it before I die. In any case, this story opens the door to the many other books in this Saga. Without Elemental Beginnings a lot of things will not happen. Everything will follow a timeline, and the timeline might change depending on what war happens and whatnot. As I stated earlier, this book will end up focusing on the Lords and the Ladies of Meedia, as well as Meedians to a certain degree. Elemental Beginnings start 10,000 years after the War of the Lords, in which the Larkas and the Lords fought to almost the death, making the Lords create their counterparts, the now existing Lords of this story. The Larkas were banished to the VOID by Chaos, and the Goddess, grief stricken by what happened to her creatures, created a Prophecy, consisting of a child being born that was of Oblivion(Ie: Larkas) and Herself(Lords/Ladies), which would do one of two things. If this child grew up under the influence of the Larkas, the universe would be destroyed and Oblivion would get what He wanted. If the child grew up under the influence of the Lords/Ladies, the child would bring forth a new revolution and the Larkas would be abolished for all time. The Larkas were then banished to the VOID to wait out the Prophecy, which would take place 10,000 years after the War of the Lords.
It has been about 10,000 years. The final battle between the Lords/Ladies and the Larkas are about to begin.