*No point to this really, for the poem changes so much. Yet it
understandable because my thoughts are as scrambled as the letters written

Deal the Cards?
I cry once more
But still no one cares
I've brought this on myself
Til now impossible to bear
My thoughts have changed
To utter horrid screams
They cover me in reality
And taunt me in my dreams
I cannot win
Yet should not delay
The fact that all is done
That tomorrow is not a day
I wish it to end
So I can get on with my life
The more I try, the worse it becomes
And I end up holding but strife
The cards have been given
I no longer feel up to play
For the game is done and I fold all
The past laid its hand, I shall now pay
To give up would mean failure
To surrender brings no chance
Therefore I must choose my option
This which leaves me to the final dance
This music plays a song so sad
A tune never known to be real
But my cards are gone and my thoughts are not
To be lost in its word, I shall feel