The Blade
I surrender to the truth
Hand me the blade which shall help
I take back what I told you
For I am the only one to blame
You were there to listen
My soul guidance in this world
But I never allowed myself to be open
I was too concerned with myself to see this
Therefore I will end all tonight
No longer am I of concern
Remember that night I expressed true hatred?
That was not to you
It was my expression to myself
I had only used you so I would not cry then
My guard was never to be ceased
For I knew I would be reveled for my true self
And I admit, I was afraid
I was scared of being loved, if such a thing is real
I was even scared to prove to you I am weak
Throughout the years, I've been broken
If I told you I don't care, you wouldn't hurt me
But you know, its ok now
My guard is gone for good this time
For this blade I hold is the help I need
I shall give in to its guidance
For it needs me just as well to lead it