Swimmin in this sweet misery feels so good

Bitter indulgence that everything will be okay

There's no way it could get any worse now

I yearn for something to consume me here

Addicted to sweet misery like it's a drug

Guess after it all I don't want to be happy

Circling over me like I'm it's easy prey

Easy enough it doesn't even need to try

Sweet misery is crawling all over me

Here I am sadly curled up on the floor

I want to cover it splatter it all in red

Dig the knife deep in me feel the pain

I'm so numb cause be sweet misery

Searching for something for myself

There's no one here to share it with

Like wood that has been carved into

Silver lining so close to sweet misery

Sun is setting behind the mountains

There are no clouds to be lined here

If the light can't take me in with love

Shadows of sweet misery will and is

It's the only true friend I have at all

Will be here for me when I need it

Won't say the bullshit people say

Sweet misery consumes me now