In the sweet arouma of our love

I embrace you so very tightly,

Where our lips lock for so long

In a deeply affectionate kiss

A kiss that would linger forever

As would a promise of forever

I can not say I don't believe in fate

It wouldn't be fair of me to ignore

The angels of fate fly unfaltering

It's too perfect for it not to be fate

Life was wonderful from the moment we met

You are the answers to my hopes and prayers

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Whereas we are beholding the eyes

I argue you are the most beautiful

In the entire vast world and universe

But you lovingly argue the same thing

We're so sure, so what's the arguement

In your arms I feel I could quit

Quit worrying about every lil thing

The world isn't as ugly as I thought

You've helped me realize so much

Wanting to face the world smiling

But only because of you m'love

I love everything about you

Your faults and perfections alike

They way you laugh, yawn and smile

Your looks, personality, thoughts

Always kind and caring of everyone

You're glowing beautiful inside out

Every moment is like a great dream

And I want to wake up next to you

Get distracted by thinking of you

But I do that enough as it is

A silly toothy grin on my face

Come home and fall asleep with you

A/N: Okay so it's really cheesy! I wrote it a while back and never quite finished it but it's worth posting. I actually hate some points of this poem but the rest is okay...tis an enjoyable poem and still one of my poems so I decided to post it.