Stronger At Last

When I first met you

You almost instantly became

My idol.

Eyes full of intelligence,

Belly full of laughs,

Mouth full of wit,

And heart full of love.

Innocent was

My soul then.

You led, I followed.

Blind to your flaws,

Proud of your "perfection".

I gave you my all;

You ignored me, but

I pretended to

Not see.

Now, all I want is

To rip your heart out

With these hands that

Have done so much.

I want to take back what you took from me:

My innocence,

My purity,

My soul.

I want you to

Feel the pain I have felt.

Feel your self-respect

Degrade as mine did.

I want you to

Feel your innocence

Taken from you,

Your purity pure no more.

I look down at my hands;

So full of your blood.

I take a mask, out it

Over the face that I

Now know evil.

It hides the "perfection",

Showing your true self.

I rip your throat out,

Letting you talk no more,

No more insults, once thought witty.

Your belly I stab with a sword

Forged from the fires of resilience

That I developed, thanks

To you.

Your eyes I gouge out,

Letting the blood flow through

My fingers, like the sands

Of time I lost.

I feel no remorse

Nor disgust.

In fact, most people

Will be horrified

By the smile that

Graces this face,

So scarred by the daggers of ridicule

You threw at me.

I smile, triumphant.

No more will you

Hurt me with your

Piercing glares,

Evil sneer,

Nasty remarks, nor

The coldness of your heart.

I enjoyed every minute

Of your torture.

I thank you as

I watch you writh,

As I once did:

"Thanks for what you did,


For it has made me stronger.

At last."