I got inspired to this by the night and the moon as I was riding in the dark. Not much of what happens in the text is invented. The night two days ago was sooo beautiful, this kind of story/poem/thoughts- thing just wanted to be written. I had to sit at my desk and bring it to paper. Here we go!

Just as a little Author's Note: English is not my mother tongue so please be nice to me and my English. This doesn't mean that I don't appreciate criticism. I would love to hear what you think about it.

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To The Moon

The night is silent as I look up and beheld your face. It is not full yet but nevertheless your silvery rays touch the trees and make them visible in your pale light. Everbody who says that a night in the woods is dark and threatening has never seen a night like this. As I nudge my horse in a slow pace I breathe in the fresh night air. There is no sound to be heard except the soft thudding of hooves on the forest ground. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of your face through the branches and I enjoy walking in your dim light. The darkness is more emphasized in the places where you can not touch the forest. You make it go away, you make the night a place to hide and find my strength again.

The stallion snorts softly and I pat his silky mane. He feels my serenity and his gait is smooth as if he did not wish to disturb my thoughts. A cool breeze comes up and the trees wip slowly in the rhythm of it. A small hill appears in front of me and from there I can look upon you more openly. Is there anything more enchanting than looking at you more closely? Your surface is not smooth and I detect darker spots right up there, in the middle of your silver orb. You are not even. You are not manmade. And oh, how glad I am you are not! You are so beautiful in your imperfection that I can not take my eyes off your face. Tonight it seems that you are surrounded by a halo of feeble silvery light. As if it was a faint echo of your daze.

I halt my horse on the top of the small hill. From here I can survey the forest and the city with its bright lights. The forest lies like a still dark lake before me while the overly bright streetlamps and the neon lights of the town sting my eyes. I turn my back to the city and gaze up to the deep blue night sky. The stars sparkle up there in a merry luminosity as if they want to mock the shrill lights of the city. They are scattered wide over the dark blanket above me. No clouds hide their constant gleam and I suddenly feel very small beneath this million of sparkles. But they make my heart lighter and with a smile on my lip I turn again my gaze to you. You look down on me, big and silvery, as if you promised your little siblings up there to protect them all. I know you do.

The black horse shifts slightly and I become aware of him again. He is young and eager to show me his unending energy. I promise to let him have his fast run later and he accepts it faithfully. Slowly we move on. The night embraces me again and I sink gladly in its arms. It holds me tightly like a mother helds her child. I feel save and lighthearted for the first time in a long time. Gently I nudge my horse to a trot. He goes willingly and while I ride I watch my shadow in the moonlight. The light floods around me and is bright enough to create a darker spot. With a child's happiness I watch the shadow follow me. It suddenly seems to me like I notice my constant companion for the first time for I have never acknowledged it at daylight. There is an air of irreality flowing around me and everything seems dreamlike. The lack of colour melts the trees and the ground to different shades of grey. But there is not a single trace of threat within me, only a deep content of my heart. I do not mind that I can not see every detail of the woods, to wish I could seems pointless to me. What is to be gained by perceiving all the details of the forest but not noticing the beauty of nature as a whole thing? I feel closer to every living being now in a semi darkness than I have ever before by full daylight. Branches I would have held out of my way at day now touched my shoulders like little curious animals.

I leave the shelter of the woods behind me as I turn into a field way. I have a promise to keep. The rays of your silvery light brush over my face unhindered, now that I left the cover of the trees behind. I close my eyes and relish in your touch. It washes away all the worries I carried with me for the last few weeks. As I open my eyes, your sight greets me again. The black fur of my horse glints like silk in your light and I see the muscles beneath it. He begins to prance for he knows where we are going to. Impatience let him tug on his reins and I laugh softly because of his eagerness. I confess that I am as keen as he is to go at a faster pace. I steer him on the meadow and for a short moment I regret riding away from your beautiful sight. But I know that you are behind me sending your light out to the meadow so that I can see the ground nearly as good as in daylight. The only change is the silvery color of the grass beneath my stallion's hooves. He now tugs harder on the reins and tosses his head. The spirit in him demands to be set free and I am only too willing to grant his wish. I let the reigns slip a bit from my grip and he sets off. I let him have his will and he soon settles into a steady canter. The wind rushes past my ears and I indulge myself with the sensation of speed. I feel my horse's body stretch beneath me like it takes an eternity to do so. Everything seems to slow down. I take in the whole spirit of the moment. The rhythmical thudding of the hooves, the darkness of the forest beside me and your holy light at my back. The end of the meadow comes closer and I must stop my horse. I reign him to a slower pace but he does not object. Contently he snorts. I pat again his mane and then I turn him around. I face your shiny orbit and laugh out loud, the exhilaration of speed still clinging to me. You seem to understand and for an instant the sky looks even more sparkling with your laughter.

Again I enter the forest but I know that I am on my way home. A twinge of sadness fills my heart. Why not forever stay in the woods? To sleep at day and walk under your guard at night? No, it is not meant for me to remain hidden in the darkness. Reality is waiting out there for me and I have to turn back to it.

Reluctantly I leave the last trees behind me and step out in the illuminated streets of a suburb. The metallic clanking of the horseshoes on the hard pavement rings too loudly in my ears and the over brightness af the streetlamps hurts my eyes. I ache for your soothing touch. But now that I turn my head you seem a very long distance away. You look like you are withdrawing from this world. I long to turn around my horse and just flee back into the woods and in your embrace. But I go on, head bowed.

Before you disappear behind a tower block I take a last look at you. You are still there, right over the forest. I think you are smiling and suddenly I recognize your offer. I can come back to you. You would wait for me.

As the rushing sound of the motorway comes closer and a neon light dazzles me with its loud colours, I caress the neck of my stallion and a smile creeps to my lips.

~~ Z Ă„ndi ~~