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Reviewer Response: Aero-Rhapsody: Actually, I don't _watch_ Inuyasha, I read it, I like manga better than anime. Although I would like to get my hands on some DVDs...I will follow your advice on the setting, this was a school project and I didn't want to make it too big. But now that it's for Ficpress's denizens' reading pleasure only--I can make it as long as I want so long as it won't be boring! I'll split paragraphs too...that was a mistake.

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***NOTE*** I recently realized I have accidentally named my main character after the author of the Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 mangas, the first of which being the only one of the two I have read. THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT, I SWEAR! I'm not going to change it in the middle, but just remember, this story has nothing to do with Inuyasha except being set in the Sengoku Jidai...and having demons in it...and being mostly inspired by it...okay, it actually has a lot to do with Inuyasha. BUT NOT THE NAME! Okay.

Ryolan was sitting in his house reading a book when knock came. It was very loud, and imperious, like the person was used to instant compliance. He sighed, got up, and opened it, expecting some shogun demanding he remove a haunt from some property.
The punch sent him across the room. He only stopped himself from crashing through the wall with a quick ki push to cancel his momentum. He landed on one knee and a foot, his hand braced in front of him. He caught only a glimpse of his foe before he had to dodge another haymaker. He ran out the door, trying to get more room to maneuver, to see his opponent, and also quite frankly to avoid getting his house smashed. However, this was not to the enemy in question disdained to use the doorway and smashed through the hut wall on the way out.
It was something like a demon, it had that psychic signature in the mind's eye that Ryolan was trained to recognize...but something was different, it didn't feel quite like an oni. He decided to use caution against never paid to underestimate unknown quantities. That, if nothing else, he had certainly learned on his last job...
The beast rushed him, a clawed hand raised to strike. Suddenly it tumbled to the ground, and laid there facedown. Ryolan stared in confusion as the beast's demonic features shrunk, claws retracting, face losing its fangs.He walked toward the fallen body cautiously, wary of a trick. Suddenly the form groaned and lifted itself from the ground. It's face was that of a young boy, with fair hair and a bewildered expression. "Oh dear..." he said. "Not again..."
Ryolan drew his katana. "What are you doing here, demon? Why do you try to trick me? I just saw your true form, I shall not be fooled!"
The...boy? Demon? Whatever it was, it looked up at him. "Oh, no..." it groaned. "Now I've attacked the *demonhunter*..."
"You just realized that now? Oh, well then, I'll just let you go, shall I?" said Ryolan, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "On your feet, demon. Let us end this!"
"No, no!" said the boy frantically. "I'm not a demon! I'm just a normal boy! These things keep happening to me...I black out, then come to and find that I've gone on some sort of murderous rampage...That's why I came to you! I was going to ask you for help! If only I hadn't had an episode just've got to help me!"

* * *

The demon sat on a bone chair, carved from the skulls of untold numbers of tortured souls. Looking into his scrying pool, which filled the room with an acrid smell from its magma contents, he watched these events curiously. "Hmmm..." he said. "So that strange little creature has gone to the demonhunter...I just can't _wait_ to see what happens next..." He laughed with a sound like a cheesegrater on steel wool at the bottom of a tomb...

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