Part 2


"Aline had a son," said Kasia's grandmother. Kasia stared into the fire, mesmerized. Kasia's grandmother stood behind her, stroking Kasia's soft-feathered wings. "Something is troubling you, my child. Do you wish to tell me?"

Kasia sighed and looked away. "It is the NightWalker, grandmother. I am worried it will rise again," replied Kasia softly. Kasia's grandmother sat next to her.

"Yes, I feel strange also. I remember when I was your age I came face to face with the NightWalker. It was the most awful thing I had ever seen. I could see the faces of its victims still alive and struggling against the thick blood that covered it. Blood oozed from every pore, covering the whole village in red. I remember seeing my brother's face in that demon; he was crying out to me to help him, but I couldn't. There was nothing I could have done. The only thing I could do was watch him slowly disappear into the NightWalker's bloody flesh and never be seen again, but his screams still haunt me, even today," added Kasia's grandmother. She bowed her mass of white hair as if praying. "I have talked to many people in the village and they too feel strange. I hope it is not what we think."

Kasia nodded her head. "Grandmother, how did the NightWalker come into existence in the first place?" asked Kasia.

"Some have their stories about that, but I do not believe them. As far as I know, no one will really know how it became." Kasia's grandmother stood up and walked to the table covered by many herbs and spices and busied herself.

Kasia sighed and looked out the little window. Everything seemed so peaceful and quiet. She couldn't believe a demon had came and demolished these beautiful lands of green. Kasia felt her grandmother's wrinkled hand on her shoulder.

"Do not trouble yourself with the demon, child," said her grandmother softly. "If the NightWalker should kill anything it should be those awful black-winged people over there. They kill anything they can get their filthy hands on and devoir them whole! Awful things, those people."

"You shouldn't say such things, grandmother. It might come back to you," said Kasia, still staring through the window as rays of light hit her long brown hair, illuminating it.

"I must go to Aline and see how the baby is doing; do you want to come along?" asked her grandmother. Kasia shook her maginficent head and continued staring out the window. Her grandmother sighed and walked out of the house, leaving Kasia alone. Kasia stared out the little window and at the mountain in the distance and wondered if anything lived up there.


Daren swooped down and landed gracefully on the slimy ground. Blaine quickly followed Daren and looked around.

"I don't think anything would live here, Daren," said Blaine. Daren was searching the woods, which seemed to have gotten thicker and darker than the woods they were first in. Not a trace of sunlight came through the thick leaves and branches.

"Maytrens! Are you close?" shouted Daren. His voice echoed in the distance, sounding as if another had copied him. Blaine and Daren stood in silence, waiting for a reply.

"Daren, nothing is here; let's go back," said Blaine. Daren stood still in front of Blaine, listening to the silence. Suddenly, a rustling of branches was heard and Daren and Blaine froze. The noise seemed to be all around them, and Daren could not tell where it came from. Blaine looked wildly around, looking like a scared animal. Daren just stood still and searched with his eyes. Then, out of nowhere, something jumped down from the trees and landed on the ground with a thud.

Blaine had yelled and jumped twenty feet back while Daren stood his ground and faced the creature. It's skin was almost blue with many little veins and blood vessels covering his whole white body. White hair was matted on its head, and sharp claws were visible at his fingertips. The thing quickly turned around and faced Daren. Its eyes were all white and his teeth sharp and black from decay. The creature looked as if it was dead. Then, Daren spotted old battered wings on its back, which were now useless. It was Maytrens.

"Who calls my name?" hissed Maytrens in a strangled voice as his eyes searched wildly. He was crouched and hump-backed, holding his hands in front of him.

"My name is Daren; I am one of your kind," stated Daren. Maytrens crawled closer to Daren like an animal.

"You, you same as I?" asked Maytrens, feeling Daren's legs and boots. Blaine was still far away from them, watching Daren stand still as Maytrens circled him. Then, Maytens stood up and carefully walked behind Daren. He stretched his bony arms and reached for Daren. His hands closed when he touched Daren's wings. Carefully, Maytrens felt all over Daren's wings. Maytrens stopped and his eyes widened.

"'Tis true! You same! You same as I!" shouted Maytrens as he crawled wildly around him. "Why you come to Maytrens now?"

"I have come to ask you a question, is that all right?" asked Daren. Maytrens jerked his head and looked around.

"Ask I what?" asked Maytrens.

"Do you remember the last time the NightWalker came?" asked Daren. Maytrens jerked his head towards Daren when he had said NightWalker.

"NightWalker? Yes, yes…" said Maytrens.

"How did you send it back?" asked Daren. Maytrens stopped and faced Daren.

"No, no stop NightWalker! He comes back! He alive now! He like Maytrens, Maytrens talks to NightWalker," he yelled. "He come for Maytrens soon! We destroy who left Maytrens here to die! I kill them!" roared Maytrens. Maytrens went crazy and jumped all over the trees like an animal, tearing and ripping the leaves. Daren stepped back and gestured for Blaine to go. Then, Maytrens stopped. "You leave Maytrens?"

"Yes, I must go. Thank you for your time, Maytrens," said Daren. Just when he was about to take off, Maytrens held onto his legs.

"Don't leave Maytrens alone! Don't leave again!" cried Maytrens. He dug his claws into Darens legs.

"I'm sorry, Maytrens. I must go," then Daren shook Maytrens off and flew into the air, watching Maytrens disappear in the distance. Maytrens then quietly disappeared into the shadows of the forest, alone in the darkness and holding onto his battered wings.

Part 3 coming soon!