Dante Alleigheri is a mindless bastard.

He writes of things he knows nothing about, I know this for in his book, The

Inferno, he placed me in hell.

But I am not in hell. Quite the opposite in fact. He put me among a list of

betrayers and thieves, where I don't belong for I am not one.

Do you know why it's this way? Because I knew what I was doing when I killed

my friend. I knew the consequences I would face for committing the ultimate of sins.

I did the deed, yes, but I did not, however, watch the outcome. I was too overcome

by guilt, my heart was much to heavy in my chest to do anything. So instead, I took my

own life. Killed myself rather then watch him suffer.

Now I look at all those people who preach about forgiveness while they

themselves, cannot bring to do it.


They speak so freely against me, defacing my name and teachings, but don't they

know? Don't they see that if not for I, they would not by living? They wouldn't exist if

not for my atonement.

I did what I had to for the Salvation of the world, for the Salvation of all people.

If not for my part, mankind would have died out. Someone had to do it, I happened to be

the chosen one.

When I was given my task; of course I didn't want it. Who would willingly kill

their friend? Do people not realize the guilt I felt? I hadn't taken my life for nothing. I did

it for him. I did it for us.

I am Judas Iscariot.

This was my life.

This was my sacrifice.