Everyone talks about how great America is and I'm usually one to agree. But, after looking at hunger rates in our and other countries, reading the news, and listening to our president speak on many occasions, I hesitate to say America is all that it is.
The Peace Corps strives to bring electricity, AIDS awareness, dental care, medical help, schools, and much more to third world countries. Thousands of people help each year with this organization. In Madagascar, a country off the coast of Africa, volunteers work to keep national parks open and well kept. They work to educate the children and adults. All together they work for a better life for these people. So to say that America does not strive to help out is a lie.
America has the Americorps and many other organizations to help feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and bring shelter to the homeless in this country. But are we doing all we can? Right now 28% of adults with income are struggling to put food on the table. That's not to say how many people are going without jobs are trying to feed their families. In a recent survey in California, a little over 2 million low income families are short on food. Once again that does not include the homeless and those without jobs. One food bank serves over 30,000 people in one county. So to say that America is perfect is also a lie.
Recently America was bombed in New York. How did we respond? With much national pride and talk of war. Has that pride lasted? For some yes, but for others it was nothing more that the heat of the moment. Since that day in 2002 the Bush administration has continually pushed for war on Iraq and many other middle eastern countries. They have bombed Iraq, invaded Afghanistan, and called up more and more troops. Recently America was named the most dominant country in weapons and defense. People have attacked Muslims because of the name that goes with their religion and because of a few militant radical Muslims. Some people don't even feel safe talking religion anymore. I don't even feel safe telling people how I feel about our country openly, for I'm afraid I might get hurt. What happened to our freedom of speech and religion?
America certainly has her ups and downs. But my question is, is it fair to judge other countries when we have problems here and now? How can we attack other countries because we don't agree with their government or because we think they may know where one man is? How can we have so many resources for other 3rd world countries and have money for technology, but not have money for food or even for a good education? I may not be a scientist or a marine, but I am a teenager who knows what it is like to move from one school to another because this state does not have the money or support for a better schooling system. And I know what it is like to hear my parents complain about not having enough money. So before you say that America is so wronged and should have every right to invade this, bomb that, and invent this new medicine for the common cold. Think about the children who live two blocks away and nearly starve every night. And think about that man you see on the street corner, who mumbles to himself and wears the same coat every day. Because America is not so innocent and perfect as most think.