Character: Pliny the younger , about the age of 17
Setting: Misenum
Situation: watching Vesuvius erupt and destroy Pompeii

Pliny has just been woken by his mother, who is frantic about the violent shaking.
Mother, go to sleep. There is nothing to worry about. Please! I will awaken you should the need arise. It is almost day. Let me rest! A friend of Pliny's uncle comes and chastises them for their calmness in the current situation. Pliny continues with his studies into the day. Later that day, Pliny and his mother along with a childhood friend, Simonius, decide to leave Misenum along with a rather large group of followers. The earth shakes violently.
Hold on to your belongings! Sir, watch your cart! Look! The sea is withdrawing. Even Neptune is afraid! Mother, look at the clouds. Move faster! We can make it out. No, I do not know if Uncle is safe, but what can we do? Simonius are you coming? We must get out and pray to the almighty gods that he is safe.

They travel for a while. The next day

Mother, quickly. the crowd is moving so fast we might be crushed and killed. Mother? Mother? Where are you? Mother! He looks frantically until she calls to him and only by her voice recognizes her. It is so dark now, that cloud completely blocks out any light. Simonius, if you pray to the Gods for death, death will surely come, but if you pray for life and hope then we shall make it through this. We must stay close mother. Look out! Ash is falling! Get out of the way!

Pliny and his mother along with the other head back to the town, Misenum.

Great Gods! Its all covered! The ash has covered everything. And the earth still quakes. Simonius, what's wrong? No! The end is not coming. We are safe for now. Good God man, do not lose your mind! Pliny tried all he could. But Simonius did indeed lose his mind in terror of the ash, fire, and Gods.