Character: Prophet
Situation: Making a statement about the future that no one believes

He enters into the square. He finds the square fountain and stands upon it. Speaking loudly he begins his vision.
Good people of Pompeii! Stand still and hear what I see. I see ruin, payback for all those times you displeased the gods! Prostitutes especially and those who take advantage! Run before Vulcan erupts and spews his fiery reign upon us. Pray, make sacrifices. Then escape to Rome! You have all displeased Jupiter, Juno, Vulcan, and Mars alike! They will be the end of you all unless you heed my warning. The people of Pompeii go about their business. Every once in a while people will cry out to the old prophet and tell him to go home and call him rude names. Eventually a group of boys start to throw things. He responds with a laugh, almost mocking those who do not listen.
Fools! All of you! Now you play, soon you will burn. I see a vision of the future where no one walks in this city! No one enjoys forbidden pleasures in your whor-houses! No one spends the afternoon flitting away in the sun! All are gone! More seriously, but still as if making fun of those who do not take heed.
Think of the children! Mothers, go and take you little princesses and soldiers out before it is too late!