Character: Sylvana, a young slave girl who believes the old prophet
Setting: The home at which she serves
Situation: the day of the eruption just hours before Sylvana is serving her master and mistress lunch. She looks over head at the clouds and begins to comment. But the master stops her "foolish thoughts" and tells her to "know her place in this house and get to work" Sir, your lunch. Whispering to the mistress. Don't you think that we should leave? The old prophet. Yes sir, yes sir, no sir the laundry is drying. Yes sir. Sylvana leaves the room and tends to her work. She stops as Mistress comes in and reassures her that nothing will happen. She begins to argue. Mistress does not scold to harshly as she is the only mother Sylvana has ever known. No disrespect mamme, but the old prophet warned this would come. He told of the sky clouding and the earth shaking. Aren't you afraid? Master cannot protect us from the gods! They are almighty! They sent the prophet so that those who did wish so could leave! I agree that your husband is a wise man, but the prophet should not be ignored. If we do then it will lead to our demise. The mistress looks down at her harshly and reassures her that nothing bad will come. If you do not turn from your ways then you shall surely perish. We must leave this cursed city. The mistress starts to walk away, but Sylvana throws herself hard into the mistress leading her in to an empty room and knocking her unconscious. Sorry mamme. She leaves her there and goes to pack some of the family's things. She includes both her own cloths and the mistress's. Then her master comes in. He sees what she is doing and is confused. Sorry master. I must do what I must. I just am incapable of adjusting to the thought of death. She takes a nearby pot and thrusts it at his head. He ducks, but she hits him with another. He staggers backwards for a moment and then falls. He is unconscious. She drags him away into the room with the mistress. I warned you bad things would happen if we stayed here. She goes back to her master's room and continues packing. She randomly throws their possessions into a bag. Then she turns and leaves. She passes Cornelia, another slave in the hall. Cornelia asks her when they will leave and if she is afraid of the concequences. We will leave now. Help me move our owners. They drag them outside and onto a carriage waiting on them. The driver is a slave that works out in the fields. Go, before they awake! And Cornelia, yes I am afraid, but I would rather face the consequences than spend the rest of eternity with Pluto. They set out. They don't know where they're going, but they are not going to stay in Pompeii.