S (heathen): isn't she beautiful?
Isn't she beautiful?
With the heroine needles scars
Isn't she beautiful?
With the cigarette smoke flowing from her nostrils
She looks like a dragon, and she smells like a bore
Isn't she beautiful?
Her lips taste like vodka
She taste like sweet surreal poison
Isn't she beautiful?
She gives her self away to numerous men
And she does not even care that she lives like a whore
Oh isn't she beautiful?
Just so pretty
She is a blonde silicone beauty
Yeah she is just like Barbie
Looks to kill
No brain or a conscious will
Isn't she beautiful?
Now that you see her inside
She wants to seduce you boy
And take all your innocence away
Isn't she beautiful?
Lost in her web
A black widow
Oh I think I'm in love
She smells like sweat and blood
Oh God her beauty is too much
This is what you meant by unequally yoked
Her kiss feels like razors, it leaves blood in my throat
It's too late for me
Stolen and lost virginity
I'm trapped in her false beauty
Isn't she is so beautiful?