I felt so unwanted
I felt so lost
I want friends
At any cost
Tormented with loneliness
With no shoulder to cry on
I was on my own
With no one to rely on
Time painfully passed
My hopes in waiting
To find true friends
Unfortunately fading
In my struggle
I lost my trust
I had short friendships
Though unsatisfying my lust
It was like this
Until highschool
Where I heard was the place
To show off and be cool
This is the place
To change my reputation
It was a new start
To make a new impression
What should I do?
To make a new identity
Be funny? Smart?
No, I came in as me
Surprisingly I was accepted
By some of the crowd
It felt so welcoming
To be where I was allowed
I no longer craved
In friend-hunting
My search had satisfied
My every wanting.
(at least in friends)