Cameron's Prayer Dear God,
Please don't take our angel. She's only been with us a few years and we can't lose her now. She has so many ambitions, so many cares. How can you take such a miracle from the world? We need her here for just a while longer. She wants to be a mommy and live in a big house when she's big enough. She wants to change the world wih her smile. I know she can do it and so do you. Why won't you let her. They're telling me that if she lives, it'll be a close shave; it will only make her stronger in the end. Don't take her now, her mommy and daddy have suffered so much. One baby gone and now another on the edge, how can you be so cruel. Haven't they been through enough? I was there, the night you took the baby. You let us keep her long enough to give her a name and to fall in love with her. I watched her daddy fall to his knees and held her mommy's head while she cried. I went to the funeral and laid white roses on her casket and then some more on her grave. I stayed with her mommy and daddy while they wept over the stone, I watched them nearly all night, and made sure they went home. I don't think I could do it again. She was just a tiny thing then. Barely even 3. She didn't know what happened but seemed to understand somehow. She tells me neaerly everyday, that she misses her baby sister and she wants to see her when she goes to heaven. But she didn't mean so soon. Just a little while longer, please Lord, let her live her dreams. Don't make her stop living before she's even begun. No angel deserves that. Please, let her survive. She's got so much ahead of her; So much she wants to do. It wouldn't be fare to take it all away now. Let us keep our angel.