Overcoming Silent Boundaries


By SilverHairedApathy

Summery: Two kids are separated by deplorable circumstances. Nine years later they're reunited but don't know each other, what makes things worse is they're starting to get too close, becoming much more than family. What happened when they find out the horrible truth, will they be able to put they're feelings aside and become brother-sister again? What do they're parents have to find out when they here about it.

Warning(s): Mention of Incest, Yaoi, Shoujo Ai, Course language, Violence, and use of the drug, crack. You have been warned.

Author's note:  Yay I actually got a review! ^^;; not as much as I wanted but it's a start! Now on to the first chapter!

                                                                                Chapter 1


Aset jerked from her thoughts as the voice intruded, gathering her scattered brain she turned toward her male companion, who looked at her with annoyance.

"Welcome back, Asetbaka" he drawled out sarcastically, slamming his tan hand on the low Japanese table they sat at, his grey eyes burned into her brown ones. What was she thinking about that caused her to zone out like that?

The girl across the table tossed him a glare at the nickname, her hand moved quickly snatching up his bird shaped earring on his left ear, tugging sharply with a flat look she asked.

"What did I tell you about that Yeh?"

Yeh made an attempt to pull back but quickly dismissed that idea. His earring was after all, attached to his ear. Narrowing his eyes, he grabbed her hand. Slim, skilled fingers rubbed over her wrist before stopping, his thumb pushed down on a pressure point. Aset yelped and released the piece of jewelry quickly while Yeh sat back in his seat with a very smug look.

"You should know by now Asetbaka, look, don't touch."

Their eyes met in a silent match, electricity seemed to crack between then and all who got in the way would be stuck down. A few seconds later a small chuckled escaped their lips gradually building up to laughter. I was then that they realized they were bein stared at, costumers looked at them from their own tables with an odd look, their food momentarily forgotten. Aset grinned sheepishly and slouched a bit in embarrassment. Her friend however had a different reaction.

"What are ya'll staring at, haven't you ever seen people laugh? Damn mind your own business!" Yeh spat rudely.

The Japanese restaurant's costumers glared at the coarse young man but returned to their meals without comment.

"Thank Yeh, I need that" Aset muttered sarcastically, inopportune.

Yeh took a sip of his tea; his lips held the traces of a forming smirk.

"That's why you hang out with me."

Aset leaned on the table with her elbows, a purple brow lifted.

"Actually" she began "I just hang out with you because you're cute."

Yeh rolled his eyes and set his tea down, exchanging it for a pair of chopsticks.

"Guys aren't cute" he replied before shoving steaming noodles into his mouth greedily.

"To girls they are."

He didn't argue, just offered a grunting noise. Normally he would have made a comeback but today he was famished so he would let it slide. Aset sighed now that her companion was enthralled with his food, she returned her gaze out the window though in the corner of her eyes she cast a fleeting look at her friend. She wasn't lying when she said he was cute, actually Yeh was handsome, very handsome. His eyes were a lively gray that seemed to dance with the knowledge he had seen, the good and the bad. His short hair rested messily against his head, the color of the purest snow though tipped black at the ends like the night sky. His skin was tan from always being outside giving him an exotic look, the body lean yet held hidden muscles and strength. His facial features though, might have been the most captivating; his face was of one who had come from a different place, adding to his exotic look and why they wouldn't, Yeh did come from a long line of Egyptian pharaoh's. Or at least that's what he said.

"I have to go now."

He placed the empty bowl down and dropped the chopstick in them, his hand reached to his side picking up a large black bag.

"Your class?"

"No, I'm going to ballet with a bag filled with dojo things" he snapped, Aset smiled to herself. Even though Yeh was attractive, his fiery nature is what drew people…and scared them away. She waved her hand in dismissal.

"Alright, I'll pay the bill. Later."

The white hair boy gave her a small wave and exited the restaurant. His eyes looked back for a moment, remorseful. Before turning away, his eyes were softened from their usual hard glare. Aset and he, he'd admit, were as different as hot and cold, that was obvious to anyone who knew them. Yet as they say, opposites attract, and Yeh was of no exception to that. He had admitted and come to terms with the fact; he was in love with his best friend, for a while now. It had come of shock to him; he had always been a player. Toying with girls, sleeping with them then leaving before they awoke making them wonder if the night before had really happened. Yes, he was one of the people who gave men a bad name, but frankly he didn't care as long as he got what he wanted. Yeh sighed deeply, he hand reached up to his right ear tugging gently on it. A habit he had picked up whenever he was nervous or frustrated. Shaking his head scattering his current thoughts he continued on his way, only now his steps had slowed and heavily. The last fleeting though was.

"Why did I have to fall for my best friend?"

                                                /~*~\/~*~\/~*~\/~*~\/~*~\/~*~\/~*~\            /~*~\/~*~\/~*~\/~*~\

"Simply put, Ms. Kawasawa, you failed this class."


The news had come down like a boulder, like a volcano, Aset's temper began to slowly rise with every word that teacher spoke.

"Your not putting out any effort in class, therefore I cannot put out any effort in giving you a passing grade."

Aset's eye begun to twitch rapidly, a sure sign she was about to say something she was going to regret later.

"I don't need your fucking class anyway you old bag!"

Her insults didn't seem to affect the Japanese man, he simply stood and begun to make his way towards the classroom door.

"If that is the case, then perhaps you should quick" He retorted.

Asetbity's jaw slacked, her mouth opened in closed like a fish out of water attempting to make a comeback.

"I would suggest an anger management class also."

The sliding door closed with a soft thud leaving the purple haired girl in the darkening room. Finally getting over it, Aset mentally screamed and cursed harsh enough to make her mother wince.

"Seven…eight…nine…ten." She counted slowly.

Her breathing calmed reaching the tenth number, body realized from the tension it held before. With her eyes closed she made way to the class door and opened it.

"Kami, where's Yeh when you need him" she thought.

Time seemed to slow as Aset stepped out the classroom; her body collided with a much larger one tossing her half back into the classroom. Her reaction was immediate, standing up quickly she bowed her head repeatedly, apologizing.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me, gomen Nasi!" her voice was frantic moving so fast it was hard to follow. Finally a large hand grabbed her head stopping her from bowing once more.

"Chill alight? It's no big."

The voice was soothing and smooth, clearly male judging by the tenor tone. Aset looked up curiously, her heart quickened yet she knew not why. The man before her wasn't the most handsome yet seem to have a alluring air around him, flame colored eyes stared back into her lined with mischief and hidden secret, he was only a few inches above her but enough that she need to tilt her head back a bit to look at him. Brown hair fell into his eyes though short. He was just an ordinary guy…so why did he have this kind of affect on her? A sort of familiarity washed over her and the same seem to happen to the man.

"You know" his low voice sent shivers up Aset's spine "it's only necessary to apologize once."

"I know I'm sorry, so sorry let-"


Aset's apologies ceased at once at the simply command, the man sighed in relief. He smiled though and asked.

"What's your name?"

"Asetbity Kawasawa" Aset answered hesitantly.

"I like that name, I like I a lot" his lips twisted into a grin. "To bad it doesn't fit such a weird looking girl."

The fantasy bubble of the two that had currently lodged itself into Aset's mind popped at the comment. Her face begun to turn red as she slowly gave way to her already built up anger from her pervious encounter with her professor.

"You…you jerk!" she yelled as the man look on with mock innocence.

"You're such a rude girl."

"You insulted me first!"

"I merely commented on your name."

"Insulting me in the process!"

"Did I?"

The red in her face increased, fist clenched and unclenched resisting the urge to strangle the stranger. He was so…infuriating!

"I'm leaving!"

Her hard footsteps echoed throughout the hallway. There was something nagging her, something so familiar about that guy…Giving into her curiosity, she stopped and turned. The man was still where she had left him watching her with a highly amused look.

"What's you name!?"

The man looked surprised but managed a graceful recovery.

"Why would you want to know?"

"Just tell me."

"What, are you going to stalk me or something?"

Aset threw her arms up in defeat.

"Fine, I don't care!" she turned back and continued down the hall toward the exit, her steps slowed as a name reached her ears.