A/N: Wow, it has been a looong time since I last updated. I am sorry to those who love reading my poems, but now I am back with a poem that I wrote last year that I hope you enjoy. God bless always! ^_^

Moving Forward

The memories go by,
They go so fast,
They're hard to grasp,
'Cause they don't last.
When I look back,
Ten years from now,
I look into my eyes,
And ask myself: How?
That little girl,
Smiling up at me,
Has happiness and joy;
It's all I see.
That beautiful girl,
Ten years from then,
Didn't meet the world;
The lion's den.
Though I wish every day,
That I was still a kid,
I have a life laid before me,
I haven't opened it's lid.
Though sometimes I look back,
At those smiles I once had,
I am moving forward,
And I am really glad.