A Justified Attack:

On March 18th, 2003, President George W. Bush, ignoring the United Nations and much of the world, launched a preemptive attack against Iraq. What followed was a quest to find weapons of mass destruction. To many American's surprise, none were found. Many nations (Including my own), criticized the USA's methods. Me? I'm just glad that Saddam Hussein is finally out of power.

Saddam Hussein is a tyrannical dictator. There's no denying this fact. The way he treated his people, was in a word, abysmal. He's responsible for the deaths of many innocent (or not-so-innocent) people (I don't know the exact number, but it's far into the thousands.). America did the right thing by ending his reign of terror. I don't know what lies ahead for Iraq, but as long as the USA and other first-world nations don't abandon it, it could prosper (Not to the point of Japan, but some prosperity could happen.).

Now, many people say to me that why is Iraq being attacked, and not Somalia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc? To them I say this: Shouldn't you be glad that the United States has liberated at least *one* country headed by a dictator? America did the right thing, whatever their motives may have been. I don't care if they were there for oil or jus to piss off the French, they got Saddam out of there.

Now, to defend the people on the anti-war side of things: I hate the idea that many conservatives and liberals have had that if you criticize the war, you are guilty of treason. The basis of democracy is free speech, and dissent isn't harmful in any way. Calling people opposed to the war "traitors" and "assholes" makes you look like ignorant bigots in the eyes of others. I'm not enforcing a PC ideology here, but thinking that if you disagree with the President, you are a traitor. Look at Bill Clinton. Not many of you defending him for banging the interns, did you?

War is a terrible thing, and it can be avoided. But sometimes, the end result of war can be very positive, and a Saddam Hussein-free Iraq is very positive result.

-Bane Syndrome, signing off.