Time Warp On Interstate 44

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

My name is Scotty Truman and I've been a patrol officer for the California Highway Patrol for at least four years--and as far back as I could remember,there was nothing on this very planet Earth that was able to surprise me.

But that was before Wednesday,November 5th,while I was patrolling Interstate 44 and saw something that would've been able to make my duty officer's hair stand on end.

A few bolts of lightning were striking down to the ground of a desert,which was next to the Interstate--and those lightning bolts had kept on coming from out of nowhere.

And then,even though it might be dangerous to do so,I had drove my four by four vehicle off of the Interstate and drove over to where the bolts were strking down.

But then,it was after I had arrived at the spot that I had realized what a really big mistake I've made.

But just as I was about to turm myself around and get my butt out of there,one of those bolts had suddenly struck down my off roader and caused it to explode.

As yours truly,that bolt must've also knocked me out cold for I don't know how long.

But after I've finally woken up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes,I was shocked to had discovered that I had woken up in the year 2991.

It was right at that moment,I've realized that the bolts were part of a time warp.