Black Lines
Brittany Dally
These black lines may only be sharpie to you,
They may not mean anything to the peppy and happy,
But to me, one who's worn a smile all her life,
It's my expression of sorrow.
You filthy people,
You aggravating whores,
You depressing children,
You're the ones who have done this to me.
You and them, the ones you take,
Thus forgetting me,
The one who was there beside you through anything,
You've forgotten haven't you?
I was there to hide the scars,
The razors and nails
I was there to bite my tongue,
To be the happy one.
I hid everything behind a smile or a scowl,
I never cried,
I never showed my weaknesses,
What are these things dripping down my face?
These black lines show more about me than I'll ever tell,
They make me better, yet slowly drive me insane,
Why won't they wash away?
Maybe they're scars too.
From always being pushed aside,
From letting you kill me from the inside out,
I, unknowingly, gave you the sword that's cutting tiny pieces from my
I let you wrap my soul in these black lines.
This is what I get for trusting,
This is what I get for caring,
This is what I get for turning back around and deciding to forgive and
I can't forget anymore.
You're gouging out my soul,
Trying to find the root of these black lines,
But they've rooted too deep,
The farther you go, the farther you kill me.
But go on, I'd rather be in heaven anyway,
I'd rather be with my lord than sit here and watch you and myself rot away,
Fake people like you have corrupted the world,
Keep digging.
Keep gouging, butchering, choking all life from me,
Keep punching, and thrusting and striking me, it feels good,
It helps me to know I'm only human,
And these black lines. they will fade.