Forsaken Souls

Crying out
In thin wails
Assaulting the sky
Beseeching the very heavens
Clawing at the bounds of society
The mesh of sanity
Hoping that they like those they've crushed
Can slip through the holes
escape this desolation
Anything but be left to die here

This filthy pit of pain
Where the castoff's of mankind huddle
Backs against the grimy walls
Gnarled callused hands
Forever digging at the waste left behind in its wake
Searching for a last shred of humanity to hold on to
Anything that would remind of what they had
What they used to be
What those up there could become

Only on the bottom can you see how far the top is
Those born up there will never know
Safe from violence safe from disease
Wanting all but what they have
While on the bottom we have all but what we need
Glazed eyes search the sky
Wary of those predators in shiny shoes and tailored suits
Stomping around on the surface
oblivious of those they thread on with each firm foot step ,
That is until they fall and end up face first in the thick of it
Stewing in their own filth
A forsaken soul
With nothing to loose but life