Tears fell like rain. The dark clouds above this lost soul's head refused to release their prisoner. Bound to his feeling, the boy began to feel hopelessness settle in the back of his mind. Every waking thought caused a tremor of guilt and a twang of hatred.

"Why me?"

The boy's thoughts wandered back and forth between truth and fantasy.

"Maybe this isn't real. I'm dreaming."

He wished with everything he had that his melancholy could be written off as a hallucination. But it wasn't. The visions dancing in his mind refused to give him the freedom he desired. Again, he saw it; the blood dripping from his fingertips. His hands flew to his eyes, hiding the tears fighting for closure. Oh god, the smell! It was still there! That horrible, acrid fume penetrated deep within his senses, only convicting more his crime.

"Why did she do this to me?"

Repressed memories came flooding back to sight, demanding attention. The most beautiful smile, dangerous eyes, intoxicating laugh...

The most dangerous eyes...

The anger came suddenly back, fresh in his mind. His face flushed red.

The dangerous eyes.

Why did this happen? Embarrassment coursed through the boy as he realized his foolishness.

"Stupid bitch."

He remembered why the scent of blood was so strong on his pale, shaky hands. He had killed her. He gave her everything. Everything he had!! But the stupid bitch couldn't appreciate any of it! She deserved what she got...

But...still. She was so beautiful...

Foolishness returned with confusion.

"Why do I feel this way?"

The stinging tears continued to pour down the boy's red stained cheeks.

She was... so beautiful.

"Why did she do this to me!? She forced me to kill her! We were... too close... She would've betrayed me! I know! They all do..."

His emotions continued to mingle. Despair set in as the lost boy tried to sort his thoughts out. He couldn't do it. Every other time, he simply moved on. Why was this time different?

"Is this... regret?"

The boy couldn't handle it any more. His pain showed itself in long, dark, red streams flowing down from his slim neck.

"Take that... stupid.. bit..."