Aradia and Torrine have always hated each other. From their infancy they were rivals and as they reached young adulthood a full-blown war erupted. However, a twist of fate carried away Aradia when she was eleven for she was developing into an Elemental Mage and had to be trained as such. The two were separated for five years and then brought back together again by fate as both had to work together to battle an evil which haunted and almost destroyed Gaeron centuries before. Both have become powerful in their own right and before long the sparks of hate began to change. However, love is a tricky thing and magic is trickier and who knows perhaps they may end up together? Or not- in a tale of Royal Trepidations...

I wrote this starting in seventh grade and as such the first- oh seven chapters will seem a bit childish. I have not had time to go back and edit and I encourage any new readers to please read as far as chapter 10 before making a judgment about my writing and me. I support my hint about the goodness of my story with the over 1000 or so reviews that I have received so far.

Just read- you won't be sorry.

Angel of Artemis

To old readers who are angry about this psuedo-chapter: I'm sorry I will update but I've had many reviewers tell me how glad they are about finishing my story (persay) and others who read only one or two chapters into my writing and then give up. The next chapter will go up soon- just give me time.