A poem I had to write for school to help prevent teens from smoking (it was
either a poem or a PSA). It kinda has a beat to it (the first part, anyway)
There are so many bad things in the world today
I wish cigarettes would just go away
It'll be a habit
You'll get addicted
You'll die if you don't kick it

You can get cancer of the throat
Maybe you'll die on a boat
You can get cancer of the lung.
This habit needs to be flung
Or maybe cancer of the skin
When you die
They'll put you in a bin
Cancer in the brain
Boy, what a strain
Then there's brain damage
That cant be fixed with a bandage

Cigarettes have nictainine and nicotine
You can die as a teen
Malic, pictic, nitric and hydrochloric acid
When you die you body will be placid
Oxalic, ulmic, sulfuric and acetic
Don't you wish you had a antacid

You won't have to die if you quit
Get the patch
Guaranteed to stick.
Or take the pill
All jokes aside
Smoking can kill

Smoking is seriously a problem that doesn't even only apply to adults
anymore. Kids smoke too. It's a terrible thing to pick up and harder to
drop. I've been trying to get my mom to quit for a few years now. Be smart.
Don't smoke.

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