The Shroud Of Betrayal

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

John and Elenor Grayson had been married for seven years and had never been all the more happier.

But that was before Thursday,November 6th,after both John and Elenor had arrived at Las Vegas,Nevada for their romantic second honeymoon.

At first,they were both having a very good time and enjoyed each other's company.

But just then,after they had arrived inside one of the casino hotels and tried their hands at one of the blackjack tables,a handsome young man named Devlin Wayne had walked over to the couple,introduced herself and invited the Graysons up to his penthouse apartment for a nightcap.

And after they had accepted his invitation,John and Elenor had followed Devlin up to his penthouse apartment and were suddenly shocked to see how wonderful the place was.

Suddenly,while John was looking over the view from the living room window,Devlin had invited Elenor to look over the bedroom with him.

Then suddenly,after he had turned around,in order to invite Elenor to check out the view with him,John was surprised to discover that she had disappeared.

He had looked around the apartment for Elenor and was finally able to find her--inside the bedroom,where she and Devlin were making mad,passionate love with each other.

At that moment,John had suddenly realized that Elenor had placed the shroud of betrayal over their marriage and doesn't want to be married to her anymore.

Oh,well.Can't win them all.