You've never cared about me
This I could always see
You've never cared if I cried
you've wouldn't care if I died

YOu'd be happy if I was gone
You've never cared all along
You'd be happy if you knew
how many times I've cried because of YOU!

I don't care
about oyu anymore
You've been there
just like always before!

You've never gave a d*mn
about who I am
I'm your God d*mned daughter!
Yet to you I'm just a bother

I know its not just me
that you hate passonitly
You think I demand and only take
Maybe I do, but YOU'RE not my father, just a fake!

You hate me, well I hate you back
For what reason? You need not to ask
You're a jerk, and always will be
You just plain hate me

You dislike any noise
You barely let me even TALK to boys
You think I can't think for myself
That's my sister, I'm someone else!

You've never cared, just like always before
You just like for us to be tortused
With harsh words and pain
Trying to drive me insane!

Too bad! It's NOT gonna work with me
Because I know how you are, just wait and see
You made me cry
That was ONLY once, and you know why!

You try to kill
my brittle heart, but I will
not let you
just like you use to!

I hate you
thats the only thing I know that's true
I hate you with my soul and heart
for the way you tore me and my family apart!!

God I hate you so much!
I hate your ways and actions and everything such
I'm gonna break YOU one day
To show you what I've been through all the way

I've hurt myself because of you
I've become depressed-thanks to you!
All because of your stupid ways
Well, I'm gonna make you pay!

No matter what you've put me through
I could never kill you
Unlike my sister would
just like she felt she should!

I agree with her
even if she IS my sister
But I'd never kill you, no matter how cruel
you are and become, I'd rather hurt and torture you.

I hate you.