I remember.

The chill caress of nocturnal air atop my bared skin.

Dominating the sky, the perfect orb of my beloved goddess, standing silent sentry to it all.

Before me, the trees - so few, stripped and shamed as I, the many tall, proud, and impenetrably green.

These are the memories, which bar me from living in today. My mind is imprisoned in the branches of those trees.

So many times, over and over again, it happened. Always in the same fashion. 'My' room would become mine again - or as much as it ever could belong to me, but at that point my mind was always still in hiding. Some nights I'd tear a blanket from my bed, others I'd take the time to find clothes.. I suppose it depended upon how she'd treated me on any particular night, how thoughtlessly and desperately I would need to flee that room.

I fell from the window to the hardened ground. The goddess's lume would fall across my dead-white flesh, making it almost glow in the half-light. I know that straight ahead is the forest. The trees, so dense, my eyes are laid upon, though I do not see them. My feet carry me into their midst, but I have no recollection of the journey. Something always kills my flight - a root or a rock. I never know. I just fall.

Breathing hard and with saline rivulets burning my face, my mind is able to return to me, there within the trees.

Those days, now so far gone, will never leave me. The dead branches and twiglets of the trees stick in and clutch about my mind. I am forever lain in that forest, recuperating from the damages inflicted by that bitch. Were I alone, it would be so simple to slit a few veins and let the life trickle into obliteration... but that is not the case.

I remember.

I will always remember.