Scarlet Satin

Type: Vignette/short story/plot less

By: toku

Genre: Angst


She self-consciously smoothed the cool satin of her scarlet dress. Her long slender fingers circling the embroidered beads and delicate designs.

She didn't want to get married.

She'd never met him, but that was typical. Her mother had never known her father when they'd gotten married. Her hands moved from her dress to her long neck, toying with the small jade beads, the silky smooth texture and sheer simplicity of the small beads fascinated her.

She was fourteen, a ripe age to be married off. She would meet the man whom she'd be bonded to forever, tonight. He would be her controller, her master. The girl could only pray that they would fall in love with each other as her mother and father had a lifetime ago.

The young girl sucked at the stifling air as she closed her almond eyes in silent meditation.

She was not allowed to think ill of her future husband. She was a woman, she was nothing, she was not permitted to think, nor breathe unless permitted.

Carefully, her attendants placed the golden crown atop her ebony tresses. When she opened her eyes, they saw red.

Her pale face was covered with a crimson veil, blocking her view of anything around her. She took another deep breath, the stale air almost choking her.

She did not want to get married.