As I close the book

on you, you

turn the page.

A chapter of life

long finished, revisited.

The rereading

of you

like opening a wound.

-- left to heal

but infected

by the memory, by you.

The picture fades

of you, you

reappear in colour.

An image of a face

long forgotten, returns.

The vision

of you

like going blind.

--beauteous sight

burned out

by the memory, by you.

The name lost

of you, you

restate the words.

A gasp of a voice

long silenced, repeats.

The sound

of you

like going deaf.

--opposed cries

now muted

by the memory, by you.

As I forget all

about you, you

come back.

A feeling of love

long dead, resurrects.

The encounter

of you

like the ultimate end.

--a heart beating

now stopped

by the memory, by you.