Do you have the courage
To exit reality and abandon the normal
Do you have the strength, the power within
To be different than the rest?

Can you slumber during the day
And maybe awaken during the night
Can you walk on your head
Instead of your heels
Can you?

May you fly a kite in the depths Hell
And dig for worms in the Heavens above
And may you be kind to those who've been mean
Be sweet to those who've been unkind

And may you be everything you truly are
But, too afraid to show
And won't you live the life you please
For all the days to come

And if one day you shall be judged
Just walk away and smile
For their day will surely come
And in their final hour when their
Clocks are ticking and palms are wet
Just close your eyes and know that soon
Judging you, they will regret